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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Up To No Good.

It seems I spaced a few days. OOPS! It just kind of happened.

I guess I got lazy. Big shock there! Me?? Get lazy??? NEVER!

Anyhow it was a fun filled action packed span of time I neglected to post anything. Sort of. Actually it was pretty boring except for....

Yet another marine flea market! I went. I got more stuff. One of these years I will have enough junk that I will have to get a booth at a marine flea market and sell the crap I have been collecting. Thus completing the cycle of the flea market.

So, what fabulous treasure did I walk away with this time? All sorts of goodness. Here is a list, along with the purpose of the item and how it is useful.

1. Tray for the boat gas grill. Recreational. Now I have a platform thing that attaches to the grill on which I can keep stuff. It also looks cool. $10

2. Radar reflector. Safety. Reflects radar signals so larger boats that run radar will see me as a larger blip. $12

3. 25 feet bungee cord. Recreational. Now I can fix the stretched out bungee cord on my rod holder inserts. $5

4. Loose pieces of Starboard (marine plastic "lumber"). Functionality / safety. I will use this material to make backing plated for the cleats. $3

5. Drift anchor. Fishing. Toss this device over the boat and it acts as a brake to slow my rate of drift. $15

6. New battery compartment hatch. Cosmetic / functionality. The old hatch cover broke so now I have a new one. I also got a matching hatch to replace the old hatch in the center console. $40 for both.

7. New round hatches. Cosmetic. The old ones are still good, they just look crappy. So I have new ones now. $6 for the set of 4. They match the new battery / console hatches I got.

8. Magic chum. Fishing. Some sort of magic chum that does not need to be kept frozen and is supposed to last hours per block. 4 blocks for $20.

9. 12v horn. Safety / required item. Florida law says I must have a sound producing device onboard. Up to now my sound producing device was a plastic whistle. Now I have a dual horn. $20.

I think that is it. Not too bad really. I needed MOST of that stuff. I probably did not need the BBQ tray thing, but what the hell. For $10 I got it. They are not being made anymore (the grill is not in production anymore) so it was either get it then or never. I probably also do not need the radar reflector. I have enough metal now with the new top to show up on radar. But safety is always good. I should have bought two really. In case I ever do get that sail boat. I may not have needed the drift anchor, which is really just a small sea anchor. But again - that the hell. I have one now. If I am ever in foul weather and the engine gives out I have a way to keep the bow pointed into the wind no matter how deep the water. And who really knows if I needed the magic chum. but again - I have it. Chum that comes as frozen blocks stinks and is messy. This stuff does not stink and is not messy. So there.

The hatches I did need. The old ones were falling apart. I also could use the horn. I just need to wire it in now.

Anyhow - that is all pretty boring shit. Nobody really cares.

And that pretty much sums up the week. Boring shit nobody really cares about.

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Blogger Doozie said...

If you would quit spending money on all that crap you could afford to fly me down there and I could entertain you for a weekend and from what i hear? it's all good

Blogger Fuzz said...

Sometimes things just get a little slow.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Doozie - I needed all that crap. Sort of. The value of all the crap does not add up to airfare however.

Fuzz - and it is slow. Slow as the kids who ride the short bus.

Blogger Doozie said...

I don't wanna hear any excuses!!!!!!!!!!!

do what I tell you and you won't get hurt ;)

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

How do you know I am not into getting hurt?

Your new job will provide you with paid vacation once your probation is over. PAID vacation! The best of all vacations. Ones you are paid for.

You should also rack up the time off fast. I suggest you bank holidays if you can. "Banking" means that when you work on a paid holiday (and you likely will) instead of taking he holiday pay right away you put it in the bank, and then convert it to a paid day off later. I did this when I could and it worked out great.

Blogger M@ said...

I need a drift anchor for my kayak. I like to just sit on the water and drink beer even tho I don't own a yacht.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

M@ - that is the funny thing about me joining the yacht club. I do not have a yacht either. Unless you count a 20 foot open boat as a "yacht". Which I do not.

Kind of like a homeless person joining a homeowners association.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

Ah hell, most of the stuff I really enjoy freaks other people out even though its completely harmless. At least you're safe from the squadron of white-coated people coming for you with a straight jacket if your interests are just plain boring.

Blogger Saur♥Kraut said...

I love, love, love fleamarkets. It sounds like you got some GREAT bargains! I recently went to some Marine stores and found they had a BUNCH of stuff on clearance. I have a lot of great new outfits that were as cheap as they'd be if you got them at a thrift store!!!


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