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Monday, March 03, 2008

Not A Whole Lot Going On

As the title suggests, there is not a whole lot going on here at this time. This is one reason the posts have been so dull lately.

The only plan I have as of now is to attempt to cause problems. And get answers.

I have no idea how well this will work out. From the looks of it, not so well. The forces that are have conspired against me.

But I can still keep up my inquest. If for no other reason than to keep bugging people.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you leaning toward getting a yacht, - i mean like 25 footer with a cabin sort of thing????

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I would like to. If I can swing it. The problem is where to keep it. I could keep it at the free mooring location, but this creates problems. Stuff gets stolen off those boats. I would need to have a solar charger for the batteries that power the bilge pumps. If a pump or battery fails and it rains the boat could take on water and sink.

If I keep it at the yacht club I have to pay to join, pay the monthly membership fee, and then pay per foot for a wet slip. but I get more security and an electric hookup. So I could put a marine AC on board and have a cool weekend hangout spot. I could even live there, but I would need something a little larger than a 25 footer for that.

In either case, I also have the issues relating to keeping a boat in salt water. Anti-fouling paint is not cheap. Without it shit will encrust on the hull. At least once or twice a year the boat would need to be hauled out.

Or I could keep it on land. Dry storage at the club is cheaper than wet storage, but I would also use the boat less. A full keel boat needs a lift to get on and off the trailer. I would also need a custom trailer for it.

And on and on and on. I would like to, but the reality of the whole deal may conspire against me.

Blogger Avery Gray said...

Bugging people provides great blog fodder. I might try it myself. I'm running on empty.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is expensive, particularly the anti-fouling which seems to be never ending, and nothing pisses you off more than going for a sail with the hull covered in algae.

what about a retractable keel???...then again, getting the mast up and down is a pain in the ass.

....marry a rich girl.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Avery - in this case I can not really talk too much about it. Stuff being pending and not over and all. Do not want to give my secret ID away.

Ponder - the swing keel boats are good. They have clear advantages. But I was told that if the swing keel pivot point fails it is bad news. Getting to it to fix it can be a BIG job. If it fails in the up position then you have an unstable boat under sails. If it fails locked down you can not get it on a trailer without a fight. Someone who is into sailboats told me this. They had a swing keel and they were unhappy with it.

So I am thinking a full keel may not be too bad. I can deal with the draft constraints.

As for the slime, I could probably handle "mowing the lawn" every other week. It would not take too long to lightly scrub the bottom of the boat, and a good anti fouling paint would help.

I will have to get a mast that can be lowered. And really, I will need a trailer. Either buy a used one and build it to hold the full keel boat (or whatever I end up with) OR make arrangements to rent one should it become necessary to get it out of the water. Like if a bad storm is on the way.

I know people who can slip me into a boat club that has a big boat lift, so haul outs will not be too big of a deal if I have a trailer.

Ill have to figure out what I can do, and when I can do it.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

The forces that are have conspired to keep me tired, broke and pissed off. So far, they're winning.


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