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Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Christmas List

Caving into rampant consumerism, and having had survived Black Friday (I remained far away from the stores,) - here is my 2008 Christmas list, complete with a handy price estimation guide.

1. Yeti 45 quart "Tundra" cooler ($245)

2. Green "double long" underwater lights from All Marine LED - wires out of the top please. $190 each, I need two.
3. Netflix player by Roku ($99).

4. A 1080p LCD TV. If I am going to get a blu-ray DVD player then Ill need a TV to go along with it. I do not require a huge screen. I think that the 1080p sets start at around 32 inches or so. I do not know how much they cost - as I have not looked at any for some time now.

5. Sony Playstation 3 with either the 80gb ($399) or 160gb hard drive ($499). Really only needed if I get a 1080p TV. Otherwise - Ill pass. It will get used more as a Blu-Ray DVD player than a game console anyway.

Now we need to get a little bit HIGH TECH here.

6. Humminbird 797 c2i SI combo NVB ($1,100). This bad boy is a side imaging sonar unit, with a built in GPS (internal antenna) AND Navionics Gold & HotMaps charts pre-loaded. This unit is so expensive because of the side scanning sonar feature. It gives a photographic like view of the bottom. No other consumer sonar is doing this. The step up is a thing you tow behind a boat that costs tens of thousands just for the unit. Then you need the computers and screens and all that shit.

7. Humminbird "WeatherSense" Barometer ($60).

8. Fine beer. Single bottles are OK, as are 6 packs - either all the same or mixed. Price varies. I prefer porters, stouts, pale ales, and so on. Abby Ales are usually top notch. Lambics - I do not really know about. So those are best gifted as single bottles. The Sam Adams "lambic" is horrible. They put maple syrup in the shit. Maple syrup and beer is just a terrible idea. The other winter Sam Adams seasonals are good.

Well that is about all I can think up for now. I am sure I could add more stuff if I tried. But for now this is plenty.



Blogger M@ said...

Jesus. What'd you blow Santa Clause earlier this year? Wow!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

M@ - if you are going to create a list, you might as well create A LIST! However, the truth is Ill be lucky to get anything on the list. The most likely candidate is the Netflix player and of course beer.

As for the rest of the stuff - I would be very surprised to find it inside a box all wrapped up.

And of course, I can always use socks. EVERYONE always needs socks.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

put the list on HelloSanta

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I might be able to help with the beer, but the rest of that stuff is right out of my cheap league!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

CM - me too. The stuff is on the list because I could use it - but lack the funds to just get myself.

The beer I can still afford.

Anonymous ImarineLED said...

I like this Underwater Boat Lights, no drilling holes needed, $123.98 each, I like green and blue.


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