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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It occurred to me that I had been sitting on some Netflix movies for a long time. So I watched them. And mailed them in. And I get three more today!!

Actually this happens from time to time. What happened this time was I watched two of the movies, and sat on the third.

Now normal people would have mailed in the two they had watched. But not me. For some reason.

Anyhow - I watched "Lake Of Fire", which was a documentary about the whole abortion thing. It begins and ends with film of a woman having an abortion. And between this footage is the rest of it. Activists from both sides, interviews from people who have shot doctors, people who worked at clinics where doctors were shot, protesters blocking clinics, protesters protesting the other protesters - escorting women into blocked clinics, bioethics discussions, and so on.

Then there was a somewhat dark / strange movie called "Lars And The Real Girl". This sort of strange loner type guy who lives in a small town announces to his brother and his brother's wife that he wants to bring someone over to have dinner. The brother and his wife are happy, as Lars is sort of a recluse loner and all. And then he shows up with a Real Doll - which he orders over the internet. He has this story about her life, has her dressed normally, and so on. Needless to say, everyone in town finds out and thinks the guy has cracked. But they go along with it. He brings the doll places, talks to it, takes it to church, and so on. Although the doll is a sex doll, Lars never uses it for that. Or for its other use - namely scamming the car pool lane. If I had to use highways with a car pool lane during rush hour on a daily basis - I would be tempted to order a doll. Dress it up in work clothes, strap on a seat belt, give it a cell phone, fake the occasional argument, and there you go! Instant scam.

Anyhow - it was a good movie. And not what you think.

The last film was another documentary titled "Why We Fight". It starts off with President Eisenhower's farewell address.

And it goes from there. So, you think Eisenhower was right about his warning in his farewell address? Why do we fight?

The next three movies are not this heavy thinking stuff. Well WALL-E might be, it has a dark tone too. I never saw it - but I know that WALL-E is the last robot left on Earth, working in what amounts to a giant garbage dump - all that remains on the planet after humans totally trash it. The humans left live in a space station, totally dependent on technology. A sorry lot really.

Also on the way is Star Wars: Clone Wars - set in a time frame sometime after the second movie and before the third.

And then there is the third Futurama movie, Bender's Game.

The question now is will I sit on these for months, or will I watch them and send them back in a reasonable amount of time?


Blogger TLP said...

Excellent post.

And so is the Amendment 2 post. You've turned out to be a true thinking man. Sorry. Don't get scared. It happens to smart people.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I try to drink enough beer to not think. But sometimes I screw that up.


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