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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Google Bombing For Admiral Bob

Admiral Bob needs your help. Sort of. Not really actually.

But if you are cool, and I know you are or else you would not be reading this - you can help out Admiral Bob by including a link to his site on your blog or webpage or whatever the crap you happen to have. You may even put the link in the comments section of your favorite other blog that gets a bazillion comments daily.

And no, spreading the word about the Miami legend Admiral Bob is NOT "spamming". It is providing a public service. For you see, many people are under the mistaken impression that the County is run by Mayor Carlos Alvarez and the goon squad also known as the Board Of County Commissioners.

WRONG! Those hacks are just the face people. Admiral Bob is really the one calling the shots.

EXCEPT for the bad shots. The decisions made by the goon squad that make this place a dump. And what would these decisions include? Well lets just start with this years public schoolbudget shortfall. Which just happens to be almost the exact same amount being PISSED AWAY building a brand new sandbox for some shitty ass baseball team to play with balls in. Now Admiral Bob would probably redirect the stadium funds to the schools - because that is how Admiral Bob rolls.

But the elected goons feel otherwise. So if you happen to live in Miami-Dade County and your child's favorite program is getting axed - you can explain to them that at least a bunch of grown men can keep playing with balls and get paid millions a year to do so.

But be that as it may, it is not Admiral Bob's doing.

So now - without further delay - pour yourself some Brugal Anejo and check out Admiral Bob's site. And do not forget to out links EVERYWHERE to Admiral Bob, so that Google will pick up Admiral Bob and put his site before all the other IMPOSTER Admiral Bob websites out there.

That by the way is an order from Admiral Bob.

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Blogger Lily Strange said...

Sure, I can stick a link and write-up on the immensely popular Bizarre Bazaar, the place where I put my links because I'm too lazy to have a link list in every sidebar!


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