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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Law Is An Ass. Sometimes.

I made one more addition to the boat! A secret decoration. I could not find the exact thing I was looking for so I went with a "this will have to do" option. The "this will have to do" option was cheaper than what I was looking for anyway.

And it will work.

So what did I get? I am not saying. Ill have to pull the boat out to attach it anyway - so there is no picture. When I have a picture Ill post it.


There is a NICE batch of cool air here. I am pretty excited about that. I am going to make a serious attempt to get out to the everglades this weekend. There will not be any bugs. And the skies are clear. The moon is not full. So the skies will be fairly dark. Good telescope weather. Jupiter will make an excellent early evening target. From there the winter star clusters, nebula, and other deep sky goodies are up. The telescope knows where to point itself. Which is a good thing. I only know where to look to find a few things.


I watched "A/K/A Tommy Chong". The true story about how the US Federal Government Justice Department, under John ASScroft wasted a lot of taxpayer money to put the highly dangerous, major threat to world peace and stability, criminal mastermind Thomas Chong in federal prison. For 9 months.

Yes - that Tommy Chong. The old hippie. The actor. The guy who made some movies with "Cheech" Marin. The criminal mastermind is the guy playing the guitar.

Anyway the movie is about how ASScroft appointed some twit to be a prosecutor, and she came up with "operation pipe dreams" and targeted....Tommy Chong. Because Tommy Chong was making glass pipes. And selling them. Because in many states (such as Florida) pipes are LEGAL. As long as you do not use them to smoke illegal shit. But as long as they are not used for illegal shit the pipes are not in themselves illegal.

Except for two states. So some DEA agent, who instead of busting people dealing and importing drugs - because that is hard and the agent might have had to put down the donut - pestered Tommy Chong into shipping a bunch of pipes to Pennsylvania. And then the feds raided the place.

By the way, the DEA got them to send the glass pipes by actually driving from Pennsylvania to California - in a SUV - using up all that gas and contributing to America's energy Independence, and going to the glass pipe facotry. Because no matter what, the company would NOT ship to Pennsylvania. Then a large order for out of stock items was placed and paid for. The deal with the agent was that he could come back for the pipes when the order was filled. Then if he brought them back to Pennsylvania HE was breaking the law.

Well the agent never went to pick them up. So they sat there. And sat there. And then the guy called and said to just ship them. Since they were paid for and the guy was being a dick - they pipes were shipped.

And just like that Tommy Chong - who was never arrested for anything in his life - was a criminal.

WAY TO GO DEA!!! All that meth being made in illegal labs? Not a big deal. Lets spend millions on an operation whose longest jail sentence was handed out to Tommy Chong.

By the way - keep this in mind. While the justice department was dicking around with Tommy Chong, the guy who mailed the anthrax that killed people and had everyone paranoid to open mail WAS ON THE STREETS! Nobody had any idea who he was. And what does the justice department do? Waste money on glass pipes and putting Tommy Chong in federal prison.

It was a sham.

By the way, there is footage of the twit (lead prosecutor) giving a highly informative presentation to a room full of assholes (other agents and prosecutors) about all the different kinds of pot pipes. There was even a cool slide on how a water pipe works! And one slide was pretty interesting. The same words also appear in the court documents.

And what were the words? Something along the line of how "children" would be watching Cheech and Chong movies for decades to come, and would then think smoking pot was cool.

So thats why pot is still being smoked today! Cheech and Chong movies! Why, if we just get rid of those movies pot would vanish!

Sometimes I think that law enforcement are the ones who are stoned. Really.

So that is why Tommy was singled out in the $12 million "operation pipe dreams" bust. Because of his movies. Well that and he said to the DEA "bongs are the only weapon of mass destruction Bush can find". Or something along that line.

Shit, I knew ASScroft was a prince among assholes (as opposed to the king) but really. $12 million in an operation targeted mostly at an old hippie actor?

Imagine if you had that $12 million. Someone just gave it to you. You can spend it any way you like. It is yours. What would you do? I wager that you would NOT spend it on "operation pipe dreams".

I would not. I would spend it on "operation World Cat 320 Express Cabin". With the optional free fall windlass, stainless steel anchor, and electronics package. And still have over $11.5 million left over for things like gas, bait, beer, and a boat lift at a marina.

But then again, I am not some simpleton twit trying to impress the asshole boss by concocting some worthless plan to bust people making glass pipes.



Blogger Dusty said...

It really sucked what those fuckers did to Tommy.

Glad you watched it Lazy. ;)

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

It was a total crock of shit.

Blogger Dusty said...

The movie or what they did to Chong?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

The "Justice" department.

The movie was just the story.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

The Tommy Chong thing reminds me of how this one school district in New Jersey is trying to fuck over this teacher's aide and take away her job because she's a former porn star. It's not as if she's molesting the kids, or even bringing the movies she made back in the day to show them! Sometimes people are just really stupid and puritanical about nothing. Neither of these people was doing anything illegal or even "bad." Stupidity reigns supreme.


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