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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Beer Makes Me Pee

So I watched Salo. I found this movie by following some link that led to "the top 10 most disturbing movies". So I looked for more lists. Salo was one of the movies that kept popping up.

It is based on the works of the Marquis de Sade. It is not from any of his works, as the movie takes place in WWII era Italy.

Well - all I can say is that Marquis de Sade was one twisted person. A group of people of wealth and power have some teens rounded up and abducted. They can do this because they are wealthy and powerful. The captors are then subjected to whatever whims the abductors care to indulge in with them.

And then they are tortured and killed. And I do mean tortured.

Now it is just a movie. Not real and all. But still - it is a graphic film. And it is somewhat disturbing. Not for everyone.

By the way, the list said Eraserhead is the number 1 most disturbing movie. So that is on the list too. Just to see what the fuss is all about really.

In other news - I could not resist myself and I bought some LED christmas lights. I got two strings, I need at least one more. Well "need" is an interesting word. I really did not "need" anything.

However they are here. I will finish hooking them up tomorrow. Or the next day. Whenever I get around to it. It should only take a few minutes.

And then Ill attempt to take a photo of the results. My camera is pretty shitty in low light conditions, so the photos may be crappy. But what can I do?

Well, I could go out and buy a professional Nikon digital camera that is good up to some crazy high ISO like 6400 or something - but that would require spending some $2,500 just for the camera body. Too rich for my blood!!! I could go pro-sumer from Nikon and it would only set me back about $1,000 for the camera - and I might even get a lens. But again - way beyond my humble needs.

And with that - December is here. Or will be tomorrow. A crazy time of the year. I hope I have enough rum.



Blogger M@ said...

I started the drinking season early....

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

So did I. Fuck yes. December id the PERFECT month for drinking. You always an excuse. I am not a drunk, I am just fucking festive!!!

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Just to warn you so you don't ever watch it if you already haven't, there is another movie which is supposedly about the Marquis De Sade which is sooooooo awful that it might make the one you just watched look decent. It's called Night Visions or something like that. Anyway, it has night in the title and was made by Tobe Hooper, the guy who directed Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and it made me want to have my own Texas Chainsaw Massacre on everyone that was involved with that stinker, and on myself for being stupid enough to watch it.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

CM - Ill avoid that one! Of course after I check Netflix to see if I can get it :)


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