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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More Stuff Means More Festive!

I decided the boat needed one more string of lights, bringing the total up to 4 strings. Each string has 60 lights, for a total of 240 lights. Each string draws .03 amps at 120 volts - for a total of 3.6 watts. So the total draw for all 4 strings is .12 amps or 14.4 watts.

The blue strips are always there. They are a permanent feature and not part of the Christmas lights.

A 1.5 amp fuse on the 12v plug that feeds the power inverter will be able to supply 18 watts. If there is any problem at all with the 120v side - the fuse will blow and nobody gets the shit shocked out of them. Which is good. I may need a 1.75 or 2 amp fuse, depending on what the power inverter itself draws. If it draws more than 3.6 watts then Ill be exactly at 18 watts - which will result in the fuse blowing.

I am thinking that I will need a battery powered something to place on the tip of the VHF antenna. A star maybe? Something else?

Ill see what I can find at the Target. I avoid Wal-Mart because I like to NOT get stomped on.

But I am done with the lights. I have enough now.


Blogger M@ said...

That crappy post wasn't mine on Why I Hate D.C. Mine was below. Man, some of these people don't realize that "dicksmacks" are to be found EVERYWHERE!

Blogger TLP said...

I LOVE the lights! Wonderful. You did good kid.

On the post about the disturbing movie: The Marquis de Sade was indeed, in actual life, a horrible man. He was as sick as it gets.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

M@ - I had to revisit that site. It seems like many people there think that DC is the only city in America. They then make fun of the "small town" types and Midwestern tourists. I have to question where they came from, or if they have ever been ANYWHERE other than DC. And then they bitch about douche bags. Well I say preventing douchery might have to begin with you. Not you you but you as in the person you see in the mirror. You get what I am saying.

TLP - I like my boat lights. It started out as a simple "just put some lights around the top of the frame" idea and of course grew from there. Salo was pretty sick. The shit eating scenes (yes, there is more than one) was a good example of this. After the shit eating, the golden shower scene was not too shocking. And the ending...well lets just say that indians (woo-woo indians not dot on the forehead indians) are NOT the only ones who scalp people. That was one intense mass torture / mass murder scene, but was not really all that graphic.

That Marquis guy needed some lithium.

Blogger Fuzz said...

I believe I'll pass on the flick

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Dang! Now that's what I call In the spirit of the season!


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