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Friday, January 23, 2009

The Art Of Catching Shrimp

Also known as "shrimping".

There will be a mission today. On the outgoing tide. Just after sunset. Word on the water is that the bugs are running. People are reporting catching them 10 and 20 at a time throwing a cast net from shore.

Of course Ill be in a boat. There will be one and maybe two people manning the dip nets. The idea is to light up the water, and look for red beady eyes running along the surface. Those would be the shrimp. You hope.

Bag limit is one five gallon bucket per boat per day. If I can fill a bucket up Ill be happy as shit. Ill have to split it of course - but a five gallon bucket is a lot of shrimp and one can only eat so many of the bugs.

OK not really bugs. At least not insects. Shrimp are crustaceans. But the highly scientific term "bug" can include anything that is not a snail and has an exoskeleton.

So they ARE bugs. If they were on land you would probably call them "roaches". But they live in the sea, so they are called "shrimp" and people deep fry them.

Anyhow - this should be interesting. I have never gone on a boat shrimping mission before.

I hope I catch something!!


Blogger Fuzz said...

Some years ago we had a serious roach problem. We used to feed them to our giant goldfish. It made them big and fat. But this has nothing to do with your situation.

Blogger The Doozie said...

Are you going to de-poop them? Or just eat them with the poop.

Blogger M@ said...

Doozie likes the poop. Did you know that scientists are very close to putting to market a HUMAN exoskeleton?

They say for 5 to 10 grand a disabled person could get a new body, pratically.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Fuzz - sadly there are not nearly as many shrimp in the bay as there used to be.

Doozie - I butterfly my shrimp. This is a fancy word for "remove the poop".

M@ - hell I might get a robotic exoskeleton for $5 - $10 grand. That would be cool. I could walk around and have fun overturning cars and stuff. Like Godzilla.

In fact - can my exoskeleton resemble Godzilla??

Blogger Lily Strange said...

With mussels, there is no way to de-poop them. I enjoy mussels, so I try not to think about the poop. However, I don't care for oysters. Except for oysters rockefeller, or those little baby oysters. There wouldn't be much left if you butterflied a mussel or an oyster, though.


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