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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Off To The Swamps

Something strange happened.

It got cold. And by cold I mean the lower 40s. Tomorrow the wind chill may even bring it down to the LOWER 30s!!!!!

And it will be clear. No clouds. And we are very close to a new moon. Sooooo........

There is another everglades mission planned. Ill head down there with the telescope and shit and set it all up and stuff.

I need it to be cold because that kills the bugs. Also, it just so happens that a cold night in South Florida usually means a CLEAR night. No clouds. Clouds trap heat - and obscure the sky.

Thursday may also be a possibility. It will be a little but warmer on Thursday night. It will be in the mid 40s.

But Wednesday holds an edge. I hope. Bugs suck.

I will NOT need ice for the cooler. The beer should remain cold enough just sitting out.


In other news, I got word about some manner of a job. Full time even. Beats what I got going on now. And it would also have health insurance. So I can get sick again!! That will be nice. The location is on the water - so I can go fishing during lunch. Oh yea - and there is a cafeteria on premises that has decent food for not a whole lot of money - something like $2 or $3.

I have to travel to this mythical magical place tomorrow and see what the deal is.


Blogger Lily Strange said...

We're at about the same temperature right now. I can't get my hands to warm up! It really isn't that cold but I'm damn uncomfortable.

Blogger Daisy said...

Good luck with the job!

We can't believe it got down to 39 last night here.

Blogger Fuzz said...

It's been cold here, but we missed out on the snow.

Blogger actonbell said...

Um, I'm looking forward to it getting up to 30 degrees. Actually, we're supposed to hit 40 for a day or two before getting colder again. I am surprised that it would get that cold in FL.
Good luck with the job prospect:)


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