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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Weekend Update

Time for another weekend update! And what a weekend it was. Three days, three trips north of the border.

No - not to Canada. To Broward County. Kind of the same thing right now - there are A LOT of snowbirds this time of year.

Sunday was Tour De Bar. But since I am an idiot I forgot my camera. But really there was not much to photograph. Just bars. There were a number of stops on the tour. Here is what I remember.

STOP 1 - Bonefish Mac's. DAMAGE - one pint of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on tap

STOP 2 - Galuppi's. A patio bar at a golf course. DAMAGE - three Sam Adams on tap.

INCIDENT!! Leaving Galuppi's I think I fell off the bike or something. I have fancy pedals and special bike shoes that clip onto the pedals. The cool thing - pedaling is easier as my feet are always in the "power stroke" position. Also your feet never slip off the pedals. The bad thing - if you start to fall over you better be able to get your feet out QUICK! I hit some soft sand. I was going slow. My left foot was unclipped, as I was getting ready to stop. But I fell to the right. My knee still hurts a little. Walking is fun. And I did not even hit that hard! No blood loss or anything! What the fuck???

STOP 3 - Bru's Room. Lunch stop. I had a sandwich of some sort. And more beer. Two more Sam Adams??? Whatever.

INCIDENT - Before stop 4 the tour had to cross over the intracoastal waterway! This was cool. I got to ride over a draw bridge. Going uphill sucks - going downhill is fun. Something about "gravity" comes into play. The uphill part was short - and I have some really low gears so it was fine.

STOP 4 - The Briny Pub, and "Irish" bar on A1A close to the beach. DAMAGE - One draft Guinness Extra Stout. Yummy.

INCIDENT - Somewhere after leaving Briny and before the last stop, I seemed to have LOST the shackle to my bicycle U lock. This sucks. It was a good one. I had to get a replacement lock - for $35. Also there was another trip over a different draw bridge!

STOP 5 - The Buccaneer. A proper dive bar for drinkers only. Do not expect food - there is none. There is no kitchen. There is just a rack of chips bags. And I also saw Ritz crackers with Cheese-Wiz. That was it. DAMAGE - one Sam Adams on tap and at least two Jager Bombs. That is Jagermeister and Red Bull.

STOP 6 - someone's house. I have no idea whose house it was. But it made for a good place to crash. There was a Super Bowl party going on so there was some sandwich platters and chips and whatnot laying around. A good place to recover from the tour and chill before going home.

And that was it. It was a good time. A intoxicated ride through the backroads of Pompano Beach, bar hopping via bicycle. It was even more fun that not all the bars knew that they were a stop on the tour. A bunch of crazy people on bikes just descended on hapless establishments all at once. Demanding drinks.

It was well worth the drive, and something I hope to take part in next year!


Blogger Fuzz said...

This "Tour De Bar" thing sounds dangerous. At least you had good beer. Those toe clips might not be a good idea if one has been drinking. I used to forget to put my feet down at stoplights if I had been drinking on my motorcycle. Of course I don't do that sort of thing anymore.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Fuzz - I am already terrified of a motorcycle. Down here they are just not a good idea. Drivers are bad, and traffic is horrible. The bike tour had at least 50 bikes in it, so that made it "safer". I did slow down my drinking a lot after stop 3. The clips I have require special shoes and pedals. I think they are "clipless". There is no cage around the pedals that any shoe can slip into.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

My brother once tried to teach me to ride a motorcycle. I nearly killed both of us. He declared me hopeless. But I am not exactly grace on wheels on a bicycle either. I probably would have killed myself biking drunk!
You should make a Facebook profile. Yeah, it's one more thing. But it's actually pretty easy and I think that a lot of people have migrated there. Hence the lack of commentors on blogger.
I never did understand those people who got 100 plus commentors though. I mean seriously--how the hell do you do that?? Non-famous people, I mean.


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