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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Day

Fishing Friday was a wash. There was a late start and weather conditions were not really all that great. Sure - an offshore trip could have happened, but why? So we could get beat up and soaked from bow spray??

Naaa - forget that mess.

So it turned into Friday Fun Cruise. It was a nice time.

The holdup was mostly due to fog. The fog was actually thick in the morning. Thick fog is not common here. Sure we get some fog, and central Florida gets socked in often. But this is not central FL. What happens here is that the ocean water is usually warm enough to keep the air warm enough so that fog thins out as you get closer to the beach.

In the everglades it can get thick however.

But it was a foggy morning. And the fog took a while to burn off. And it was on the beach.

To my trained eye - this could only mean one thing. A somewhat strong cold front was going to hit that day. And it did.

It was pretty neat. I was out in the bay. The sun was up. It was cool - not hot and not cold. Comfortable.

Clouds formed fairly rapidly. As the boat turned to the north to go back to port, somewhere between the 79th street causeway and the Broad Causeway BAM! Temperature dropped significantly. No rain - just a drop. It started to get a little chilly. The sky was gray.

Weather in South Florida is strange. Predicable - yet not predictable.


Blogger Spellbound said...

"Why have I not been to your place before," she asked herself, rhetorically. You're actually pretty funny and there are lots of pictures and interesting stuff to look at. Hum, yes, I rather like it. I'm not sure about the shrimp however. I've never seen a shrimp with the head on lying in someone's hand. I googled it to see if it was just me, but there are no other pictures of giant shrimp with their heads intact lying in a hand. I got a picture of former president Bush, one of the Lock Ness monster, a chili shrimp pizza, and something that looked like a knitted toilet paper cozy with eyes. Wait, maybe that should have been laying, not lying. Damn, now I'm not sure. Never mind. Lovely chatting with you. Later

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Welcome Spellbound. That shrimp was just over 7 inches. I can not remember ever seeing a shrimp that large - which is why I took a picture of it, using my hand for scale.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

Sounds kind of like the weather in Colorado. Unpredictably predictable. Although with mountains instead of an ocean, of course.


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