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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Still Here!

Yes, I am still here. I have just been busy. Sort of.

Busier at least.

And not really with anything mind boggling to report on. No brilliant flashes of inspiration. Nothing.

The Waverunner is here. It needs to be splashed at some point. I do not know when that will be.

I am facing an interesting problem. Where to keep the Waverunner. Right now it is living in the back yard. Behind a wooden fence. In front of the wood fence is the boat. It is as safe as it can be. Before anyone can steal it they first have to move a vehicle that is usually parked in front of the boat. Then they have to move the boat. The boat has 2 locks on it, one lock goes through a wheel, the other is in the coupler. It will be really hard to move the trailer without cutting these two locks off.

After that they need to unhitch the boat, open the gate, turn the Waverunner around (by hand - there is no other way to do it) and then steal it.

Problem is that I have to do all these things too. Before I can use it. I have to unlock the boat, hitch up the boat, pull the boat out, unhitch the boat, turn the Waverunner trailer around, hitch up to it, pull it out, close the gate, unhitch the Waverunner, hitch up the boat, put the boat back, lock the boat up, unhitch the boat, hitch up the Waverunner, and go.

In my estimation, this will take about 3 hours and 4 beers to accomplish. Maybe even more beers.

And that is only 1/2 of the picture! When I get home the boat has to be unlocked and pulled out. Then the Waverunner has to go into the backyard. Then the boat has to be put back and locked up.

There has to be an easier way. And there is.

Option 1 is the dry stack. I like this option. A dry stack is like a high rise condo for boats. Most sry stacks are under cover - so the boat is not in the sun and getting shit on by birds. You call the marina, and when you get there your boat is in the water. When you get back the marina pulls the boat out and restacks it using a giant forklift. They also wash the boat down for you.

The shitty thing I do not like is the monthly fee. Right now boat rent is free. As in no cost. The stack will require money.

Option 2 is a storage lot for the Waverunner. I could fit the thing in a small to medium size storage bay. All I would need to do under this plan is go to the storage lot, unlock my bay, pull the Waverunner out, and go. No problem!

Again - this will require a monthly fee. Which sucks. Right now storage for the Waverunner is free. Also - storage lots are prime theft locations. Thieves know that the owner is not likely to be there at any given point, and nobody knows anyone else - so nobody will know anyone is stealing anything.

I like free. Free reminds me of freedom!! And freedom reminds me of America! So I like free.

Fees I can live without.

So for now - free wins out over hassle. Yes, it will be a pain in the ass to get the Waverunner out. But as lazy as I am - free still wins!

Ill put up with the hassle in order to keep the free part free.

The money I save can be used for something else. Like beer. Cause Ill need a lot more of it if I am going to put up with all the hassle it will take to get to the Waverunner! Of course - this way the possibility of theft is actually a negative number.


Blogger Herr Krokodil said...

Trudat homes, da peeps will lift dat boat.

Blogger The Doozie said...

Maybe you should just leave it hooked up to your truck at all times. Or maybe you should move, to a house with a geeerrrrrage. Perhaps you should never have purchased it in the first place, knowing how dangerous those things are and how many people get sliced in half by larger vessels?

Blogger Fuzz said...

It looks like there won't be a lot of quick trips out.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Krok - security is always important.

Doozie - There is a garage, but it is already claimed. There is a lot of crap in there. I can not really evict the crap, because the crap was there first. Plus when dealing with free storage, one can not complain too much. You take it or leave it.

Fuzz - probably not. A quick trip out will require planning on almost an epic scale.


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