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Monday, August 31, 2009

Cool Shit

First up - I found some good shit! Sierra Nevada 2009 Anniversary Ale. For 2009, they whipped up a lovely IPA featuring Cascade hops grown in a sustainable manner. Sustainable is good, because running out of hops would so totally suck.

If you can find any, grab it while you can!

In other news, NEW FREE GAMES! Yes new FREE games!

First up, Meowcenaries. You lead an elite team of kittens, who are out to rescue the President from the Evilcat. Along the way, you have to kill a lot of kitten Badcatz. And find all the hidden Cheezburgers. Hours of fun there.

But maybe you are up for some strategy based games. Well in this case you want...HRmageddon. Two companies merge - only one team of employees is needed. So of course, you and your team of co-workers has to take over the office OR ELSE GET FIRED! You take over the office by either killing everyone else, or occupying the cubicles.

And then there is Dungeons And Dungeons. The King and Queen of Kink present a night of extreme pleasure and pain. The object is for you and some sort of gimp to get through each level. You have to use various kinky weapons to destroy your enemies.

There are a bunch more cool, creative, and fun games here. All free. No spyware bullshit either.

This should get you all through this week. I do not know about next week however.


Blogger Daisy said...

Meowcenaries sounds like my kind of game!


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