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Monday, August 03, 2009

Short Mission

The boat mission was short today. It was a nice enough day - but there is something to say about getting back home when there is still daylight.

I forgot to take pictures. I suck. I know.

In other news, I was watching some news show. Actually these shows are less about news and more about opinion and commentary. But these days opinion and commentary is passed off as news.

The guest on the show - who may have been fake for all I know - was bitching and crying about how the new GI Joe movie was somehow proof of a vast liberal Hollywood conspiracy to hate on America. The movie was unfit for anyone to see. It sent the wrong message. And so on.

Get this - his main bitch was the uniforms in the movie. All black metal robot suits. Something more like "the UN" than American forces.

Uhhhh...the UN wears camo and blue helmets dude. What the hell planet do you live on?

He also said that the original cartoon was not like that.

Uhhhh...what cartoon were you watching? Are you sure it was not Scooby Doo and you were just high?

Now, which branch of the US Military is represented by the cartoon character above? Garden shears? Is that guy using garden shears as a weapon? Do the Marines not use rifles anymore or something?

No, the original cartoons represented a military force with no uniform code at all. Wear whatever you want! Like flip-flops? No problem! Want to walk around with a parrot on your shoulder? OK! How about a football jersey and some sort of WWII tankers hat? Also OK.

If the movie has the actors all wearing the same stuff that is closer to the real military than the 80s cartoon.

So was the guy on TV high? Stupid? No, I do not think so. He just wanted to get on the TV to push the accusation that there is a vast Anti-America campaign taking place in America. That liberals and mostly liberal Hollywood hate America and want to see it destroyed. And only he - and those who agree with him - can stop it.

And the "proof"? A movie based on TOYS and a CARTOON from the 1980s.

That or the whole segment was a set up. Fake. Made up. Some actor reading a script. Some sort of secret marketing campaign designed to create "controversy" in an attempt to drive up box office sales.

Who really knows anymore?


Blogger Fuzz said...

Aha! A conspiracy conspiracy.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Could be. You never know.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I would have done well in the Mellow Military. Do what you like, Dude! I can be down with that lifestyle.


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