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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Harassed By The Police

Actually the title is not very fair to the police. I was not exactly "harassed".

What DID happen was I was driving home from a night of hanging out with a friend of mine and her really hot friend. As a consequence of this, I was not exactly paying much attention to what was going on.

And for some reason, every single light on US1 was timed in such a way that I had to stop for ALL of them. What the fuck? It was almost 3 AM! Why can't the lights cycle so as to let whatever traffic is on the road to FLOW?? Why stop me at every damn light?

No wonder traffic flow is so shitty here. The idiots who time the lights can not even get light traffic flow at 3 AM right.

So by the time I got to another road that would take me off US1 to I-95 I hit it. Hallandale Beach Blvd. I was actually able to move. I did not get stopped at every single light.

Which was the problem.

I was not exactly paying attention to every last detail on account of the hanging out with my friend and her hot friend. So I did not notice that one of the cars I flew past had a light bar on top of it. I also did not notice the cool paint job it had. Most importantly, I failed to notice the word "Police" written on the side of the car.

I did at some point notice a car behind me. And I thought "I bet that is a police car".

And then the red and blue lights came on. Oh great. I instantly knew what the problem was. I was clearly speeding. I knew it. The cops knew it. Everyone knew it. Busted.

I did not know I actually passed the police car until after I was stopped however. The first question asked after "where is your license" was "did you see me when you passed me"?

Well no. I did not. As crazy as that sounds - no.

And the real crazy thing is that normally I do not speed. Usually I am going a reasonable speed - not 60 in a 40 or whatever I was doing. And when I am going too fast, I certainly do not pass a cop! That is just insane. Who the hell does that?

Apparently me. That is who.

So here I was. Busted. No defense. Nothing to say other than "yea, that was me" and "I am sorry for being a dip shit". I figured that whatever I was going to get was well deserved.

As it turns out, all I got was a ticket for not having a copy of my vehicle registration. This is actually a very good thing. I was cut a MAJOR break. All I have to do to make all this go away is obtain a copy of my registration, and mail it back to the police. Then the ticket vanishes. No fine, no points, no anything.

A speeding ticket would have cost me money. Money I really do not have right now.

All in all, it worked out quite well.

I will not pass any more police cars when they are doing the speed limit. Lesson learned. It was really stupid. Ill go back to my usual driving habits.

I am apparently really bad at speeding. I can not do it right. My dumb speeding ass did not notice I was passing a police car?!?!? Really?!?!

If you can not do something right, you should not do it at all. So I will not.


Blogger Fuzz said...

They're not all ogres.

Anonymous article marketing said...

Nice website, and good reviews -- I'll check some of them out.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Fuzz - the 3 AM roadside health care debate was a little strange. My best guess is that it was a quick roadside drunk test without all the drama. They just wanted me to stand up, walk around, and talk for a bit. If I had been drunk, they would have noticed.

But I was OK. I was drinking that night, but knowing I had to drive home I moderated my intake and cut myself off a couple of hours before I planned to drive.


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