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Friday, May 27, 2005

If I agree, it is fair

There is a trend in America that fair means you get your way. This is nothing new, not at all - but it seems to me that this thought process is stronger than ever today than it was 10 years ago.

I think this is because the party in power is being taken over by people far to the right of what most Americans really think. How can they get away with this? Why do people keep voting for them? Because they use the power of religion to screw with people.

Religion is a very powerful thing. The evangelicals know this, and use it to consolidate their power. It only takes a few of them to join a church and convert everyone to their line of thinking. They use key verses from the bible, and ignore everything else. They convince people that to be christian, you MUST agree with them. Once they get that far, they use one or two issues to sway the way people vote. The whole goal is to get people to vote with them. I know this because I saw it happen at the church my mother used to go to. I would take my grandfather there, because he was deeply religous. He went to a different Sunday school class than I would go to (adults and old people went to different rooms).

My class was run by some born again fundie who (I swear this is true) got upset in a shopping mall because none of the stores had a cross in them. He called the mall "godless" because of this. Well DUH! Since when are malls in the business of selling god? They are in the business of selling overpriced crap like shoes, clothes, bad food, and other stuff. Churches do not sell shoes, and Dadeland Mall does not sell god! Get it??!?!

When I asked the guy if the mall should also have jewish, islamic, buddist, and hindu symbols I got the answer I was expecting, namely "no, we are a christian nation". The sad part was everyone else in the room agreed with him. When I tried to explain that America is a nation made up of people from many faiths, and that no faith is more or less valid than any other, all hell broke loose. My thoughts were dismissed as "satan confusing me". They were right, I was wrong. There was no maybe. Only christian symbols are fit for display in America. All other religions "will not lead you to the kingdom of heaven" (yes the guy said that - so sorry all you jewish people! Guess where you are going!).

Now once you can accept such a narrow minded view of the world, it is not hard to see how the evangelical wing of the republican party has managed to take over. For well over 10 years, the evangelicals have been slowly taking over one church after another. Like a fog creeping over a lake, they move slowly and deliberatly. Before you notice it, you are in it.

This is why I do not see the red states going anywhere. They will remain red. There are already enough people pumped up to keep the evangelical candidates in power for a long time to come. They will campaign SOLELY on two issues - abortion and gay marriage. People will vote for them because the preacher says both these things are wrong. No other issues will matter. Health care, the environment, energy independence, war - none of this means squat. What is REALLY important is that gay people can not get married. The evangelical preachers will say this over and over and over, and the sheep will vote accordingly. Even if it does lead to other things that they are against.

And as for fairness? Today, that that means getting exactly what you want. If you have to reach any sort of comprimise with anyone else, that is unfair. After all, you won the election right? Never mind the fact that 49% did NOT vote for you. It is simply not fair to have to listen to that 49%.


Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

Yeah. Sad news.

The Bushites run everything now.

I try not to think about it too much, 'cause it hurts.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Nothing lasts forever. The republican party will soon self-destruct. Then the democrat party will take over. After some time, the extreme left will gain too much power and the party will self-destruct. Then the republicans will take over again.

Blogger GodlessMom said...

I'm with Tan Lucy Pez, it hurts so much to think about this.

The church I attended as a child was the target of an attempted coup by evangelicals when I was about nine years old. It was really weird, they really do come in and start preaching a whole new type of Christianity. Fortunately for the church the other members voted to kick them out before any damage could be done, it was emotionally difficult on the members of the church to have to resort to something so drastic but I believe it saved the little church in the long run.

I wish our country could wake up long enough to vote out the evangelicals before they can do any more harm. This big country could learn a lot from that little church.


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