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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Add Rummy To The Requiem Mass.

This just in. Rumsfeld is OUT. Gone. No mas. Outta here. Fired. Downsized. Given the boot. Let go. Sacrificed. Driven away by angry villagers wielding pitchforks, axe handles, and torches.
Remember about that door Donald! Do not let it hit you on the ass!

And the Democrats took the Senate seat in Montana. The balance of power is now 50 (D) 49 (R). Once the process of counting is done in Virginia, those numbers will be 51 (D) 49 (R). Both houses have been returned to America.

And notice how the Democrat winner in Virginia is not talking about a sore looser? Notice how he is supporting the re-counts? Notice how he is not all "we must certify the vote NOW!!!"? Notice how he is saying that we MUST wait for the entire process to be validated before a winner can be declared?

Talk about a contrast!


Blogger Sar said...

And that Virigina Senator won! This blue gal is living in an increasingly blue state - woohoo!


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