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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Al Snore Movie

So here I am, watching that Al Gore movie on global warming. And here is what comes to mind.

1. Why is the current president unable to articulate ANY point without sounding like he is a total dumbass? Really now. Yes, Al Gore is pretty boring and stiff and wooden. Notice how I called this post "Al SNORE Movie". But at least Gore can string together a few words into a complete sentence without sounding like a total idiot.

2. Regardless of what you think about Gore, you really need to watch "An Inconvenient Truth". Consider the evidence presented in the film. Yes, Gore will take a few stabs at Bush. But now that you know that - you can ignore it. What about the evidence? Can you really ignore that?

3. Face the fact that globalization will FAIL. There are simply not enough resources. Making money is fine - but making money at the expense of conditions the next generation will face is just WRONG.

4. Yes, it will cost money to change the way things work today. Yes, renewable carbon negative methods of energy production will cost more than burning fossil fuels. But here is my question to you. If sea levels rise by 20 feet how much will that cost? What will the cost of every coastal city in the USA going under water be? If weather patterns change and the Bread Basket of America becomes arid - what will that cost? How the hell will you eat? What will a loaf of bread cost if Nebraska is turned into Arizona?

5. Even if global warming and cooling is a cycle, do you really think that what is going on today is helping or hurting that natural cycle?

It is clear to anyone with more than a few brain cells to rub together that there IS a problem. And it seems that we are the root cause. Yes, there are natural cycles and no humans can not stop those cycles. But at the same time we have the technology to truly change things. Consider this - a few men using large machines CAN take a mountain and level it. Could this be done 500 years ago? 100 years ago? 50 years ago?

Yes, there are things like volcanic eruptions. And yes, these events can release vast amounts of crap into the atmosphere. But so can we. Volcanoes are natural events. How natural is burning coal? How natural is an economy based on pumping oil out of the ground?

So rent the DVD. And watch it. Put politics aside, if you can. Just consider the evidence presented in the film. Allow yourself to draw conclusions based on the evidence. And consider the evidence from the other side. Remember that from the 60s to the 90s the other side said "there is no evidence. Environmental liberals are making it all up". But now they are saying "there is no evidence humans have contributed to what is being observed".

Yes - the truth is very inconvenient. But is a truth we have to face. We can not afford to ignore it. Miami will be gone. The Florida Keys will be gone. Mobile Alabama will be gone. Gulfport Mississippi will be gone. Galveston Texas will be gone. Boston will be gone. Pick any port city and it will be gone. Can we really afford that?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good review! I've been meaning to rent this, and we will at some point, so I guess you didn't need to convince me, but it was a good write-up, nonetheless:)

And yes, someone has hit the big ON switch in the shopping department; there's an out-of-the way outlet center not far from where I live that decided to open its doors at midnight on Thanksgiving (or the following day), and did this just for some publicity, so as to survive competition from the more popular malls. Well, they were inundated--traffic was backed up for three miles, trying to get into this place. Geez, I can't imagine going out at midnight. IT's like the rutting season--people are nuts.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Never underestimate the insanity of the general public.

Blogger Sar said...

I saw this movie in a rather indie theater in Richmond, VA. And all I have to say after reading your post is, here here!


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