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Monday, November 27, 2006


Welcome to Survival Monday! The long weekend madness is over. Things will be almost back to normal till about December 8. Then the madness will begin anew. And with a vengeance. The closer it gets to zero hour - the more desperate people will get. It will be safe to drive for another week or two AT THE MOST. After that - who knows. It could get ugly.

So if you need to buy crap, best to get it out of the way now. Sunday I was able to go in a Best Buy, grab the new Family Guy PS2 game, and make a hasty retreat - all in a few minutes. No wait at the checkout counter or anything. No mobs of idiots. Of course, if you want a PS2 or Wii forget it. Ain't none there. But there is a lot of other crap. But the point is that you may want to call in sick Monday or Tuesday. Everyone will be at work, leaving the stores open for you to invade. But woe to he/she who waits!

So there you go. Ye are warned! Or something like that.

Now on to other more important things. It seems that Everglades season is back! Yes, there was a nice cold snap that lasted a few days over the holiday. So the bugs should be a little bit groggy. In theory. Sometime this week I may go ride the loop at Shark Valley.

But not today. Today I got crap to do. Important crap. I have to distribute literature downtown in the morning (by morning I mean noonish) and then be at the dentist office at 3 PM. Something about a cleaning. It will not be too bad.

By the way - before I forget. If you run Windows XP or Vista, there is this cool free download available from Microsoft. It is called "windows defender". It removes pesky spyware and adware. It also provides real time protection against new stuff installing itself. You should get it. It is free. Google "Microsoft download center" or just "microsoft downloads".


Blogger Sar said...

You know, if one thoroughly read this post, one could say it's full of crap. ;)


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