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Monday, February 19, 2007


Welcome to Monday! Today is the last day of the Miami Boat Show, so this will be the final sea shanty. At least until Saturday when I go to the Key Largo Marine Flea Market. It is a flea market for boat crap. I like going there, because I get to go to the Keys. And I end up buying more crap there than at the show. I can get sabiki rigs for a buck each.

Now a little about todays shanty! From the mid 19th century to the early 20th century there was a famous line of packet ships, known as The Blackball Line. The company flag was a black ball on a red background. These ships were famous for keeping to their strict schedules. They carried mail packets (hence the name packet ship) as well as other cargo. They were known to be among the fastest ships sailing from New York to Liverpool. 3 weeks sailing with the wind and 4 weeks against the wind was not uncommon. Back then that was fast.

But keeping to a strict schedule meant harsh treatment for the hired hands. Sailors could make more money on Blackball ships due to the speed of the voyages, but they were sometimes known as "blood ships" because the captains of these ships were quick to administer harsh punishment to sailors. "Blow the man down" means "beat the crap out of someone till they collapse". Any sailor who did not follow orders, or who did their job too slow, could be whipped.

In the song, the Blackball sailor beats the shit out of a cop in England. The guys who sailed the Blackball line were not pansies.

And now for appearances. As someone who has worked in the public sector, I can tell you appearances ARE everything. Even if you are doing everything right, if it appears that you are doing something wrong - you are toast. Take this guy for example.

This is the former immigration minister for The Bahamas, Mr. Shane Gibson. He has to resign his position recently, because of appearances.

This is the former Minister Gibson in a photo with the late Anna-Nicole Smith. It seems that he is under fire for giving her special treatment in obtaining residency in The Bahamas. In all reality he probably did give her special treatment - but not anything different than he would have given ANY rich person who wanted residency in The Bahamas. Just like USA immigration laws - there are the laws for those without money and the special rules for those with money. Lets say someone from Peru wanted to immigrate to the USA. Now if they are poor or middle class they get to either sneak in illegally OR wait in a long ass line. But what if that person is rich? What if they want to immigrate to the USA with their $100 million in US currency? Think they will wait in a line? Oh hell no! They are let right in! Welcome to the USA!

If I wanted to be a resident of the EU, it would be very difficult. It would take YEARS, maybe even decades. And I may never be able to claim citizenship in a EU member nation - the best I may be able to do is get a EU "green card". But if I had millions of dollars - I could bypass all that "years of waiting" crap and get right in.

But, appearances are everything. When these photos were published, it was all over for the former Minister. If you are going to work for the government - it is CRITICAL that you maintain a good appearance. He should have never EVER posed for these photos. Had he not been in these photos, he would still have his job.

In other news, we all know Britney shaves EVERYWHERE. Above and below the water line so to speak. Not to be left out the Secretary Of State is getting a new look to help out her public appearance.

I think it is an improvement. War?!?! What war?!?! That is a nice new doo Madam Secretary!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

why is anna nicole in bed in that picture?
are you sure that is condoleza? that looks photo shopped. the mouth is in exactly the same position in each picture and the eyebrow is completely wrong.

Blogger Matt said...

Can't fool you, Badoozie!

Blogger Senor Caiman said...

The Lazy,

If only the Immigration Minister had a poster of Anna, he could have sexed the poster.

I'm not in favor of women having gaps in their teeth. It's just not right.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Badoozie - Condi stole her new do from Beyonce. You know how it is. Every so often women NEED a new look! Can't hate on Condi for her new style.

Matt - Badoozie is too sharp to fool. She will make a good po po.

Caiman - the Minister was a good guy. I may have met him at least once. I have massive connections on epic levels. Nobody knows this, but I am a Bilderberger. I meet all the world leaders and tell them what the New World Order expects from them. My staff warned him about the consequences of his actions, and even sent him a poster for his own personal use. It is too bad.

Blogger Emma Sometimes said...

Condi looks so much better in long hair. I don't think anyone looks good in the PTA mom hairdo. Ever.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I agree Emma. Condi's hair is now almost as nice as Badoozie's. Almost.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Ahh, that Anna Nicole! Still wrecking homes from beyond the grave!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

It is her secret super power.


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