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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Worthless Item

A while ago I found this nifty looking device. It appeared to be some sort of sandwich making thing. Now this device has no instructions, but I figured it could not be that complicated. It is a clam shell "George Foreman Grill" type thing but for sandwiches. From what I see it can make two sandwiches at a time. I have no idea where it came from, it is just here.

So today I butter up four slices of bread, bust out some cheese, and warm up the device, put the bread in the thing so the butter side is touching the hot parts, and close it. Cool. Grilled cheese sandwiches! This is a nifty device indeed.

But to fully close the device I have to apply some pressure. And now some of the butter is leaking out. No big deal, it was just a little bit of butter.

The fun begins when I open the thing to check on the progress. The bread has stuck to the grill, despite the butter. And the cheese has melted and is all over the place. The sandwich seems to be grilled, so I unplug it. But the bread is stuck to the grill. I use a fork to get it unstuck and the cheese is now going everywhere. Burning onto the still hot grill surface.

So I conclude that the grill sucks ass. I am going to toss it. I do not want to clean it. It sucks. From now on I will just use a frying pan like a normal person.

I want to get an Aquapod 12. Or maybe a Bio Cube 8. I think one will make me feel better. I also want to revive my empty 55 gallon aquarium as a planted angelfish or discus tank. I could get it drilled and put a true overflow type device in it, with a sump. This is not usually done with freshwater, but I do not see why not. In the sump could go the heater, the filters, and stuff. I have another empty aquarium (30 gallon long) that I could turn into a sump easy.

Or I could set up the 55 gallon as a salt water fish and live rock tank. No corals. That way I would not need fancy expensive lights.

This is the Aquapod 12 gallon cube.

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Blogger Ems said...

I LOVE that little fish tank.

My dad had a 55 gallon tank when we lived in So. CA. Every good rattling earthquake we had to go buy new fish (and pick the dead ones out of the shag carpet)

Your grill appliance is the very reason I don't buy one, George's or not, I hate cleaning those darn things.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I have one of those little sandwich maker things too. But I discovered that the best way to make grilled cheese sandwiches is in the convection oven. My stupid stove has only two settings--hot and hotter--so the sandwich tends to get burned if I make it on the stove. It takes about 10 minutes (5 minutes a side) in the convection oven and ends up cooking more evenly.
I wish I had time for an aquarium. I don't even have time for a betta fish at this point!

Blogger Daisy said...

That Aquapod is pretty. I wonder if it is very hard to maintain? I found out that even Sea Monkeys are hard to keep alive (do not tell anyone, but they all died).

Blogger tsduff said...

Thanks for the schtick on the Foreman sandwich mess maker. Now I won't have to buy one ever.

I like the fishy tank. COOL.

Blogger TLP said...

I don't like devices that are to be used for just one type of thing, like grilling a sandwich. They just take up space. I've wondered if those things were difficult to clean. So now I know. Thanks for test driving it.

Blogger actonbell said...

You don't know how the grill got there? I'm intrigued, and want to hear more about this mysterious appearance.

We have a different type of George Foreman grill, one we used for grilling fish, but as you say, it got to be a pain in the bohunkus to clean. Come to think of it, I'm not sure if we still have this. Maybe it disappeared and turned up in someone else's house.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Emma - I have an empty 55 gallon tank, and empty 30 gallon long tank, and empty 10 gallon tank, and an empty 5 gallon tank. I think I might also have an empty 20 gallon tank somewhere. I am thinking about getting the 55 back online, with the 30 long as a sump. Or maybe use the 20 as a sump, and the 30 long as a refugium. Another option is to get a 90 gallon to use as a display tank and make the 55 gallon a fuge and the 30 long a sump. I have other plans for the cube aquarium. Maybe. I may just get the cube because it will be less work.

CM - I am not sure I used the sandwich maker properly. It is still a mess. I can not get the burned cheese out of it.

Daisy - I am not surprised. The Sea Monkey tank had no heater, no water flow, and no way to maintain water quality. Brine shrimp are actually not hard to keep if you have the right conditions. The Aquapod type tanks are not that hard to maintain.

TSDuff - it was not schtick. I really did find the sandwich grill thing and I did try to use it. And it really did make a mess. Burned cheese is still stuck to the thing.

TLP - you should NEVER try to make a cheese sandwich with the thing. If I can ever get the thing clean again I may try to use it for something else.

Actionbell - I do not remember where it came from. Maybe from a garage sale? Who knows.

Blogger M@ said...

i agree w/ tip. let's have a million devices that only do one thing. makes no sense.

Blogger Fuzz said...

If you get too much stuff in the kitchen, you run out of places to work. Of course I even keep an arc welder there.


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