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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post Christmas Post

HAPPY BOXING DAY if you are Canadian! I do not exactly know what "Boxing Day" is or what happens - but I know it exists. In the USA it means the day we box up things we do not want or need to return to the store for some reason. I am sure that in Canada it has a more meaningful significance.

My haul was fairly light. I had already got my main gift - the waterproof Olympus digital camera. See I needed it before Christmas. For the boat parade. And the night fishing trip. The photo of the Christmas Shark did not come out very good at all. I should have had the guy snap more than one picture but I wanted to get the Christmas Shark back into the water as soon as possible. Sharks are happier in the water than out of it. So as it is, this is the only known photo of said shark. This photo is not cropped at all.
Other than that, I got some E-Gifts!

From Daisy - a cat stroller. Manly men do not push cats in strollers. Plus my cats would freak out and poop in my shoes later for revenge.

From Yippieskip - a bike. Cool. Maybe I can modify it into a recumbent bike?

Emma sent me an AR-15 fully decked out.

"Amazon Woman" sent a dune buggy. This is funny because I am going to get a jet ski soon. A jet ski is the on the water equivalent of a dune buggy.

Lisa sent a car. Pretty sweet. I wonder if I can get a hitch for it and use it to pull the jet ski?

Seriously got me a fruit cake, which I sent to Emma

Doozie sent some perfume. I need to shower more often.

Krok sent a Christmas Sweater. But I can not wear it till next year because Christmas is over.

IdiotDrivers sent me a Road Rage video game. So now I can play at home AND out on the road! Emma's gift of the AR-15 will come in handy after all!

Dusty - the left wing nut job - sent an ELEPHANT chia pet. Elephant?

Ed Abbey sent...another fruit cake! I hereby give it to Dusty :)

"Bobby Bowden" gave me virginity. Not sure what is up with that.

CM sent an Ipod for the Iguana Music. This is good because the Iguana Music list is almost full.

"gfjgj" sent some sort of Victoria's Secret type thing. I suspect this is a gift that "gfjgj" wanted for himself but was too embarrassed / ashamed to buy because he is in denial. So it was sent here in hopes I give it back - that way he can keep it himself. I suggest that in the future, come up with a better fake name and do not be ashamed of who you are.

"Malcom X" who I suspect of being someone from Tampa / North Carolina sent more perfume.

The Dentist sent dentures. At least with these there will be no more cavities. sent cash. Still waiting to get that!!

And finally "Santa" whom I suspect is a reddish witch sent me...AN ENTIRE BREWERY! WOO HOO! Always wanted one of those. Now I can fulfill my wish to be a brewmaster - whose task it is to roam the brewery every day and drink small samples from the various tanks. Ill hire a manager and CEO and crap to do all the boring "run the business" things.

Today I take my various gift card (I only got one) to Best Buy to get the external CD/DVD burner with Light Scribe. See the laptop CD drive has decided to not work. So I need to replace it. Finding the same internal CD drive for a laptop will be difficult, and probably cost more than the external. So....external it is!

I also ordered some books from Amazon. I wanted some knot tying books, and I did not get any. So I bought some. I want books that concentrate more on fancy rope work, as opposed to practical knots. I already know enough practical knots for a power boater. When I take the sailing class I will need to learn more knots as sailboats are very rope intensive. The books will cover all the sailing knots I need to know - and then some.

The fancy rope work will include me making my very own rope mat, rope fenders, decorative knots, and splices. It will be cool to learn all this stuff. Fancy rope work is becoming a lost art.

Nobody got me the stainless steel anchor. I am not surprised. They are expensive and I do not really need one. It is just that they are so shiny, and on the current boat the anchor is always out in the open where it can be seen. But a stainless steel anchor creates all sorts of problems. I would also need some stainless steel BBB windlass chain. Can't have a shiny anchor with dull chain!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day. Even if "Christmas Day" was just December 25th to you - I still hope the day was good.



Blogger Cheesemeister said...

That is very generous with their cash. They gave PANSI some cash too. PANSI thanks you for the boat anchor, but she is now demanding that I get her a yacht.
It isn't everyone who can say they held a shark--now thats pretty cool!

Blogger Yippeeskip said...

Can you tie me up with some fancy rope knots?
I got an olympus too-great for kayaking!

Blogger Daisy said...

It is too bad you did not get any more photos of the Christmas Shark, but it was nice of you to get him back into the water right away. I'm sure the shark thanks you.

ps: I just knew you would love the stroller!

Anonymous krok56 said...

Happy Kwanzaa.

I hope you don't get pistol whipped or shanked today.

I caught a red fish this week. Nice shark.

Blogger actonbell said...

Nice shark! And you got some great egifts, lol!

Blogger Scarlet W. Blue said...

You will need someone to give a second opinion on those samples. I would be able to do an excellent job.

Sounds like a good eChristmas, anyway.

I am de-toxing for New Years. I'm not going to drink any ale until Sunday. Wish me luck.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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