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Monday, September 29, 2008

Almost Sort Of Cold Front

But not really. It rained here for a bit. At times it was raining rather hard. There was some urban flooding in the areas that always seem to flood.

Temperatures ARE a little cooler. So some people I know are going on about "the cold front".

But...alas, it is not a cold front. During and after a cold front you can expect a few things to happen. Really - you can. Do not believe me? Next time one passes over observe for yourself!

1. It rains like crazy. It really comes down. This is typical for the first fronts to hit. See the warm moist air is displaced by the rapidly moving cold front. The air is forced up. Where it gets cold. Cold air can not hold moisture, so it all falls as rain. Or sleet. Or snow. It all depends on how cold we are talking about. But as the front passes, the rain/sleet/snow stops. Down here we get hard rain, but after the hard rain stops the weather clears fast.

2. The prevailing winds change direction 180 (more or less) degrees. Low pressure air spins counter clockwise. High pressure air spins clockwise. The cold front is ALWAYS the leading edge of high pressure. So the winds change direction.

3. The weather clears rapidly.

4. It gets colder.

5. You generally feel better as the higher pressure air allows your lungs to take in more oxygen with each breath.

6. Pressure RISES. This is a very important concept.

What happened today was after the hard rain, we got a few hours of drizzle. It got a little cooler, but not that much. Highs for today are forecast to be 88 degrees. Better than 96, but not really "cold". The winds did not change direction. In fact right now there is no wind. It is dead calm. The sky did not clear, there are still clouds out.

And most importantly, the pressure is currently FALLING. This means that a high pressure zone could not have moved over this area. In fact, it means a LOW PRESSURE area is approaching.

So....not a cold front.

The Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine shall remain in the fridge for some more time.



Blogger The Doozie said...

I think when it rains, you should get one of those little tiny umbrellas from an alcholic fruit drink, and you should run around naked, holding that little thing over your head yelling "I don't want my hair messed up!!!!!"

Blogger Fuzz said...

You might have to consume several of those "alcholic fruit drink[s]" first.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

Send some of that rain down here to the Great American Desert!
I don't know if Colorado is actually part of the great American desert. But lately it feels like it!


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