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Friday, September 19, 2008


Today be the day. And what day might that be? Talk Like A Pirate Day ye scurvy bilge rat!

Don't tell me ye be forgettin! Tis a grave offense don'tcha know?

Arrrr, this whole post be in pirate speak.

But first, before I forget, BOOTY FOR DUSTY! Just some buried treasure I be leavin. Harrr!

Tis easy to talk like a pirate! These salty sea dogs made a lernin video for ye.

The important thing is to be rememberin that in the language of pirate, the noun always be placed before the adjective.

This beer be flat!

This rum be weak!

That thar wench be saucy!

Arrrrr be the most flexible word in the language of pirate. Arrrr can mean "yes I would like a muffin", "I agree", "I do not agree", "buzz off", "ye scurvy dog", or even "this whole financial collapse thing is really getting me down - my 401k lost $25,000 just today!". For example.

PIRATE 1: This bank collapse thing be causin me ship to take on water!!

PIRATE 2: Arrrrrrr!

And so on.

The language of pirate be useful indeed. And today be the day we celebrate it, in all its glory!

ARRRRRRRR! Where be me grog?



Blogger Dusty said...

Interesting song Lazy...

You should of been a pirate methinks. ;p

Blogger Meow (aka Connie) said...

Ahoy there ... how are you ??

International Talk LIke A Pirate Day ... pretty cool.

How's life ... how's the boat ... caught yourself any interesting fish lately !?!

Just dropping by to say HI.

Take care, Meow

Blogger who wouda thunk it?? said...

Aye Cap'n tiz a great day indeed to be a pirate! I have paid me respects at my blog fer this most glorious day! Hoisting a pint in honor of ye Cap'n!
May the winds be always at yer back!

Blogger Lily Strange said...

Arrr! It would have been fun to talk like a pirate to some lubber that called me an in emergency, but alas, it didn't happen. Now I hope they don't call me because Talk Like A Pirate day is over and I be a lazy scallawag.


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