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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bad Beer Is Still Better Than No Beer At All

I think I got some bad beer yesterday. Either that or there was one too many rum shots. But I think it was bad beer.

See bad beer gives you that "bad beer feeling". The bad beer feeling is not the same as hung over. You know you are not going to puke. Your head does not hurt too bad. You can go outside and the brightness of the sun does not make you want to hide in a dark cool cave for a few decades.

But you get that "I knew the beer tasted funny" feeling in your stomach.

And yes, the beer was off. I drink enough of it to know when it is off. It had a slight sour taste to it. Not exactly like dirty lines - almost more like contamination.

But did I drink it anyway? Yea. Beer is beer. So what if it was off a bit. I lived.

Today will be extra fun. I have to help someone move. I hope the flatbed trailer tires hold air. I am not sure they will. If they don't - well I need new tires anyway. So Ill just drive on the rim. The rims on the trailer now are really a little bit wide. I could deal with narrower tires really.

If the cops pull me over Ill play dumb. Really? The tire is gone and I am driving on a steel rim? There is a rut carved into the road? So many sparks were thrown out of the trailer that I set a few cars on fire???

I had no idea!!! Are you sure it was me and not that other guy I saw towing a road hazard?

Ill probably only get clubbed a little bit. Ill wear my special police clubbing helmet. It helps.


Blogger Lily Strange said...

I've even gotten the bad beer feeling from O'Doul's on occasion. Sad!


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