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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Consumer Gambling. And Rum.

As the day known as Christmas rapidly approaches, as few things run through my mind.

1. Should I get some spiced rum? Currently I have 4 different bottles of rum. Well three bottles and one flask. The flask of Pussers British Navy Rum was a gift. It is almost gone by the way. The other three bottles are Flor De Cana 7 year grand reserve (Nicaragua), Brugal AƱejo (Dominican Republic), and Mount Gay "sugar cane rum" (Barbados). The "sugar cane rum" is only called that in the US market - because the real name of "sugar cane brandy" can not be used because the stuff is actually rum and not brandy. So due to US labeling laws they can not call it brady. The Mount Gay stuff is a blend of varous aged rums.

Anyhow - this is a decent selection I have going. So why spiced rum? Why for eggnog of course! Also - I was thinking about a special holiday rum cake made with spiced rum.

2. My inner consumer is wondering about sales. Do I do on and just apply for the instant store credit at Best Buy and get a 40 inch 1080p TV now (for the pre-Christmas sale price) OR do I want till after Christmas and gamble that the price will be lower? I can get a 0% interest deal for 18 months now. So as long as the TV is paid off by then financing is free. I would have to read the credit terms to see what happens if there is a balance remaining after 18 months. It will either result in the full 18 months of interest being applied to the remaining balance, or the whole 18 months of intererst being applied to the original balance.

This is why one must read terms VERY CAREFULLY!!!

But really - with 18 months of free financing paying the thing off should not be a huge problem. $60 a month will pay off a $1,000 balance in 17 months. So $120 a month will pay it off in just over 8 months.

I did this once with a digital camera. I got 24 months of free financing for any digital camera over $300. I ended up with a top of the line Sony and paid it off in 6 months. Not a bad deal really. I sent off $100 here, $50 there - whatever I felt like.

On the other hand - is it that big of a deal if I do not get movies in Blu-Ray format? Standard DVDs have been working fine.

And lets say I do end up with a fancy high defination TV. Ill need a fancy Blu-Ray DVD player. Prefably one that up-converts standard DVDs. And if I am going to get a Blu-Ray DVD player do I want the one that will allow instant streaming from Netflix, or do I get the Sony PS3? I have been able to resist the whole PS3 craze so far. So cave in now? Quit when I am winning?

And when will it be cheaper?

Choices choices.


Blogger Fuzz said...

Decisions, decisions.

Blogger The Doozie said...

Do you need the 40 incher? As your age advances, do you have difficulty seeing the screen?

good grief doooood. just get it. you only live once, and we're all gonna die eventually, might as well enjoy life while we can. You can always sell your bone marrow to pay the bills

Blogger The Doozie said...

ps, wheres the santa hat pic?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Fuzz - exactly. If I needed the thing then it would be easy. But the truth is NOBODY needs a 1080p television. Really. I do not even know why they were invented. What is wrong with a standard color set?

Doozie - I keep looking at sets. And then the "what is $50 more" syndrome sets in. You can almost ALWAYS get something just a little better for $50 more. So next thing you know you are looking at $1500 sets. Well hell - that is too darn much to spend on a brain rotting device. I would be better off just buying $1500 of pot - I could do almost as much brain rotting in 1/2 the time. Its all about efficiency!

By the way - you should check your comments.

Blogger The Doozie said...

You look like you're kind of a tall drink of tall are you? At least you look relaxed, love the lights on the boat. Looks like FUN

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Drivers license says 6 foot even. Or maybe it says 6 foot 1 inch.

Anyhow that is about right.

I scooch down when walking past the measuring device on the 7-11 door, just to mess with people.

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