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Friday, December 19, 2008


Well as it turns out, I did not make it by the post office. I tried, but it was just not happening. Many things conspired against me. Like for example, sloth.

Sloth will get you every time. But it continues to be my favorite deadly sin. Well that and lust.

I am not that into the gluttony thing. So I guess I would not be playing the "lobster claw game".

Fun fun!! Win a lobster for a buck! I actually saw one of these machines. On the west coast of FL. At a little dive bar called "Bert's".

But the claw game is not limited to cheap stuffed toys and lobster! You can also get a pet goldfish.

Or a pet turtle.

Or even a pack of smokes.

I believe that the goldfish, turtle, and cigarette machines were in Asia. Probably Japan. Japan is big on the claw game. You can get everything from them. Even food.

The lobster game was obviously America. How do I know? Was it that they were all speaking English without that silly UK accent? Nope.

The sheer number of fat people gives it away. Where else but America would you see so many fat people all in the same place??


If you happen to be in the Miami area, there is a beer tasting going on. At Lucky Liquors, located at the Tropicare plaza. Where the drive in theater used to be.

And if you are a recent transplant and have no idea where that is, Bird Road and the Palmetto expressway. Right across the street from Tropical Park. There is a Target, a Best Buy, some furniture place, a Publix, a Taco Bell, Cayo Escoval seafood restaurant, and the booze shop in the plaza. The festivities start at 7 PM. There will be prizes. There is a $12 cover charge but you get a $5 credit on any beer you buy at the event.


Blogger Lily Strange said...

If you want to see herds of really obese people (not regular chubby/fat people, but REALLY obese people) Greeley, Colorado is the place you must go. I am by no means slim, but these folks make me feel like Twiggy! They enjoy things like deep fried Twinkies. I'd rather eat my own shoe than a deep fried Twinkie!


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