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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Obligatory war On Christmas Post

This time of year, as it has for many years, propaganda about some grand "war on Christmas" ratchets up. As in the above cartoons. We all know that if you mention "Christmas" in a public school you are severely punished! Right???

Wrong. Nobody really cares if you say "Christmas" or not. Trust me here - I have worked in public schools. And I was a student in them for some 12 years.

And not once was anything said to anyone for saying Christmas.

Yet cartoons like the one above prevail. Is there any basis in fact for them? Nope. Pure fiction. 100% bullshit. But yet they remain.

I think this cartoon is FAR MORE ACCURATE. You want to talk about a "war on Christmas"? Fine. Lets do that. And what the hell, lets make it political.

So - what has CAPITALISM done to the season? I think the cartoon to the left pretty much sums that up pretty well. And with a great deal of accuracy. CAPITALISM has turned Christmas into an extended retail buying season.

And the people crabbing the most about the so called "war"? They are all right there. In line at the Best Buy. Maybe even with blood on their boots from trampling grandma during a Wal-Mart "door buster" sale.

By the way people - "door buster" does NOT mean you are supposed to actually bust down the door. HAVE SOME DIGNITY!!!!

But nobody who blabs about the "war" wants to talk about capitalism. Because of course, capitalism is all good. It can do no wrong. To say anything at all critical of out economic system instantly gets you kicked out of the club that promotes the idea there is a war on a holiday.

Because it is all about control. And making money. But more on that later.

First I want to bring up another point. Not everyone celebrates Christmas.

Yea I know - more of that liberal godless propaganda from me. But it is true.

Now why is nobody screaming about this cartoon? After all - Hanukkah has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH THE WINTER. There are no Hanukkah snowmen. In fact, I do not even think Hanukkah is a major Jewish holiday. I know that it is not included in the high holy days.

But do you hear Jewish people crabbing about a war on their holiday? Nope. For that matter, have you EVER heard a Jewish person complain about pork fumes from the BBQ place down the street? Do you hear them complain that Red Lobster restaurants are a slap to God's face? Do you see them protesting that the supermarket sells shrimp? Have you ever heard them say something snide to the deli worker because a big chunk of non kosher pig meat is right there - visible for all to see?

Nope. Never.

Does this mean they agree with consumption of such things? Who knows. Many Jews do not keep a kosher kitchen anymore. It is a pain in the ass after all. Plus - lets face it. Shrimp are good! Get a good garlic butter sauce going and there you go!

But more importantly, Jews realize not everyone is Jewish. And to them that is fine. No big deal. If you do not want to be one of them, they do not think you are against them. They do not think you are at war with them.

You simply have a different faith. And no - they will not try to convert you.

So, what does any of this have to do with the mythical "war on Christmas"? Nothing at all - yet everything in the world.

Yes, I am talking about the whore on Christmas. Those who PROFIT from pitching the idea that there is a war on a holiday.

How many liberals do you know who use this season to pitch their book about how Christmas is under attack?


Now how many assholes on Fox use the season to pitch their book??

All of them.

Now how about that? Amazing huh. So people pushing the idea that there is a "war on Christmas" have a profit motive in doing so???


So given their profit motive in pushing the idea - what do you think they will say? Don't buy my book because I am full of shit?

Of course not. They will use their "news" show to push their ideas. And sell more books. And make more money.

Because after all - it is all about the money.

So next time you hear some bullshit, ask yourself this. Where is the profit motive? If the profit motive supports the position - then more than likely it is bullshit.

By the way - there is also not a war on any religion. How do I come to this conclusion? Simple. Those who claim there is MAKE AN ASS LOAD OF MONEY off the position. They sell books. People send them money to "spread the word". They get money to speak.

It is a business. A very profitable one to boot.

Anyhow - there it is. The real motive behind this whole "war on Christmas" pitch. Profit. Money. Book sales.

That is all it is about. Fact? Who needs fact? Sometimes non fact is far more profitable.

And in the end, profit is all that matters.


Blogger TLP said...

Oh sh*t and f*ck! I just posted the same d*mn cartoon!!!!!

I knew you were smart, but I had no idea you had such great taste in cartoons.

Blogger actonbell said...

I missin' some good stuff over at Mom's...
Oh, I agree. Those poor Christians, they're just under attack everywhere, aren't they? Geez

Your beers sound wonderful!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

TLP - Who an I to refute the wisdom of my elders??? Nobody - else is who!

Actionbell - you mother is wise beyond her years. Which is a lot. I can only hope I live so long as to accumulate as mush wisdom. I only hope you take advantage of the situation and absorb as much wisdom as possible.

If I ever make to to the New England Areas, this much is 100% certain. I will have a drink with TLP. I do not care how far out of my way I have to go. It will be worth it.


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