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Monday, December 15, 2008

Boat Parade Photos Part 1

I was motivated to crop and resize some pictures. But the same problem from last year happened this year. The night time photos are mostly blury. I have to use a really slow shutter speed because the camera lens is tiny and it does not gather light very well. So between the fact my subject is moving, the camera has to use a slow shutter speed, me being in a small boat, and me holding the camera it is really hard to get an in focus shot. In low light.

But I have these!!

Port Everglades, Ft Lauderdale. This is a bigger cruise ship terminal than Miami. I guess. I know it is a bigger cargo port. And because of its layout, recreational boats can still get pretty close to the cruise ships. In Miami the cruise ship terminal is closed to traffic. In Port Everglades the ICW which can not be closed runs right past the terminals.

So I can get pictures like the one above. And like this one.

I also found at least $10 million. A tidy sum to be sure. So what does all that money look like? Like this.

This is just one mega yacht. You can also see a larger yacht in the background. The yacht in the foreground looked like it had at least 5 radars, and at least as many satellite domes. What were the satellite domes for? TV. Internet. Phone service. Stuff like that. And like I said - these are just two yachts. Waterways in Broward County are loaded with them. This one is the "Excellence III".

Excellence III is a charter boat. So if you happen to have 310,000 - 330,000 Euros (some charter sites have her listed for $310,000 US Dollars which is a great deal if those prices are still current) you can charter her for your very own Carribean cruise!

By the way, that price is PER WEEK. You can split the cost among up to 12 friends if you can not swing the weekly rate by yourself.

This is what I was in. My power cat. A good boat. She always gets me home. In this photo I am docked at a waterfront restaurant. Getting lunch. And beer. And waiting for the arrival of my crew.

And finally, a shot after I was at my assigned location. This is a spectator boat.

I have more shots, but I have to put them up later. Most of my night shots are no good.

All in all, it was a good day. I was very close to the action. Volunteering to be a control boat paid off for this year.


Blogger M@ said...

Beautiful sky.

Blogger Saur♥Kraut said...

AWESOME. I want that power cat to add to my collection.


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