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Saturday, December 13, 2008


The Winterfest Boat Parade is today. I suppose I am ready. Or at least the key issue is resolved. I had a source make me a key that works. It is not the right key. But it will allow the engine to be started. So whatever. It works. I am happy.

I also have 15 Sierra Nevada Celebration Ales!!! Celebration Ale is new to me. And it is good!!! It was not what I was expecting. I expected it to be a holiday spiced ale. Spiced with traditional holiday spices. Maybe a hint of nutmeg. Or something.

What is turned out to be was something like a pale ale made with slightly darker malts, and with an extra dose of hops tossed on. It is rich and bold, and dry hopped so you really get that hops smell going. It is also 1.2% more alcohol by volume than the pale ale.

I like the stuff. It is good for a cool winter day. Not over the top like the barley wine, but more than the pale ale.

I like it. Others may not - but I do.

I am also very happy that I found my "lost" Sony camera. My good one. I can not find the charger and of course the battery is dead - so I will not have it for tomorrow. But I found it!

The Sony is lower resolution than my Olympus camera (5 megapixel vs 7.2 megapixel), but the truth is that megapixel ratings are bullshit. There are more important things. Like the size of the CCD chip. Or the light sensitivity of the CCD chip. Or the optics.

The Olympus has more "resolution", is waterproof, and is compact - but the Sony has a better quality CCD chip, a much better lens that will work a lot better in low light, and offers more manual controls.

I am just glad it turned up.


Blogger M@ said...

Ugh. Against my better judgment, I drank winter brew last Saturday and totally fucked myself w/ just a six-pack. Never again....

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Well you see - that is where you fucked up. Winter beers tend to be heavier. And have higher alcohol contents. So you do not drink all 6. Well you can - but that is like having at least 8 normal beers. Well at least what I call normal. If you like a pilsner style beer it may be like drinking closer to 10.

I only had two Celebration Ales. And three Guinness Stouts. The Guinness was with lunch, the Celebration Ale was for the parade a few hours later.


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