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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just Another Day - Again

So a friend of mine calls and says that he needs to make a run to Home Depot to buy some plywood. Or something. And since I have the truck I get drafted for these sorts of missions.

Now how boring is that? Home Depot?? Of all places?? There is not even any beer there! BORING!

But it was not. I get to the intersection of Bird Road and SW 117th ave and what do I see??

Two fat guys fighting. Over what?? I don't know. I don't care. Maybe one said that Castro is not such a bad guy after all. Maybe there was only one doughnut left. Maybe they could not agree on an all you can eat buffet.

Did I mention the fatness of the two guys??

Anyhow there is this county bus that is trying to get out of the fight lane at the red light and I show up. At first I just think the bus driver is trying to get out from behind a broken down vehicle. But then I see the fight. Fat guys rolling around on the pavement.

The cool part about these incidents is that nobody seems to do anything. Not my problem! So long as when the light turns green nobody is blocking me. Fight all you want.

I was a little concerned that someone might have a gun. But this did not seem to be the case.

But fighting is hard work. So by the time the light cycled it was over.

Very strange.


Blogger M@ said...

A three-minute round for seasoned athletes is extremely tiresome. Try hitting a heavy bag continuously for three minutes....

And then you get two fat guys....

Blogger The Doozie said...

good grief...if you were in our part of the country, everyone and their dog would call 911 about that. I swear people that are over-reporters need to be eliminated.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

M@ - good point. It is hard work. But this was a sissy fight. Fat guy A did take fat guy B down to the pavement once - but then I had to look away because I thought that some gay porn shit was about to take place. Other than that it was a sissy bitch slap fest. I did not see any good hits.

Doozie - I thought about calling the police - but what was the point. I figured someone else had already done so. I was not in any danger. And I did not see a gun.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I bet if I went to Greeley on a Friday night I'd see a few such scenes. But I have to work. So no Hefty Barfly Boxing for me.
I was once driving to have a physical to see if I could become a UPS driver, of all things. On the way there these two cars pulled over and several Mexican girls got out. Two of them started fighting. One of the crazy fools in this group actually had a baby with her. I called 911, mostly out of fear for the baby. By the time I got over to UPS, my blood pressure was way up. I tend to have a touch of "white coat hypertension" anyway. I had to wait about 10 minutes for my blood pressure to go back to normal. I ended up not taking the job. If I were the auditor I would never have passed me. I can't drive anything bigger than a passenger van competently. I knew if I tried to drive one of those big brown trucks down the highway to the airport, me and several other people would die. Strange times.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I very rarely see a fight here. I see people yelling at each other from their cars - but this was the first road rage fight I have ever seen.


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