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Monday, March 16, 2009

Random Photo Monday!

Time to clear the memory card of some photos! And what does this mean?? Well it means it is time for Random Photo Monday! I would say "again" but to my best knowledge this is the first time.

But then again - I have been known to PUI. So who really knows.

I have two digital cameras. An older Sony F-717 that has a great lens, is packed with features, and can take really good photos. But it is not waterproof. The other is a Olympus 790SW that has an inferior lens to the Sony - but is waterproof. So each has its use.

The Sony can take night vision photos. Here is "Night Vision Fred"

It will also use the night vision mode to allow me to frame a photo, then when I take a picture the night vision mode cuts off, the flash goes off, and I get a full color photo. Night framing mode is much more useful than night vision mode.

I also got photos of yesterdays shuttle launch. From ye ole front yard. I can watch the liftoff on TV, then go outside and look north. About 30 - 45 seconds after lift off I can see the smoke trail, or at night the fire from the engines. I am about 300 or so miles away from the shuttle launch site.

And a little later, as the last of the sunlight was waning, I got this shot. The white "cloud" is actually part of the shuttle smoke trail, at a really REALLY high altitude. It is still white because the sun had not "set" at that altitude yet.

The everglades photos did not come out very good. There was simply not any good lighting. By the time I got to the lookout tower, the sun had set. It was too dark to take any photos without a tripod of some sort. But I did get these, as the sun was setting. It was VERY dry.

Looking to the east..

And looking to the west...


Blogger Dusty said...

I wonder if my Nikon D40 has a night vision setting..I don't know shit about my own camera yet.

Very nice Lazy, the link you put at my place includes the bike ride or just photos from your cameras m'dear?

Blogger Daisy said...

Fred is very photogenic! It looks like he didn't even know he was being photographed.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Dusty - that photo was from an earlier bike ride to Shark Valley. I was on a foot path, but it was blocked by an alligator jam. The photo link is to the full resolution uncropped photo.

Daisy - Fred noticed. The flash was a pretty good give away. The camera also has a hologram auto focus mode that uses a pattern of laser light if the natural light is too low for the AF to work. When this happens, there is a red grid pattern projected before the flash. Fred just did not care. He was too busy sleeping.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Saint Patrick's day!


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