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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sea Trial Sunday

This past Sunday a cold front was blowing through. Winds were cranking at 15 - 20 knots. Something like that anyway. The bay was a moderate chop, maybe even "rough". LOTS of white caps were out there.

So it was a perfect time to break in the fun dispenser!!

And here is the fun dispenser tied to the dock. The trailer had to be adjusted. The lights also needed to be installed better than I had them rigged up. The ramp used is somewhat private, open only to power company employees. I happen to know one of them. So I was able to leave the fun dispenser there and work on the trailer - and nobody was there to be a pain in the ass about it.

But what fun would it be to just mess with the trailer?

So after idling around the ramp area, getting used to the thing I decided to take it out of the protected area and into the bay. Where I got soaked. The water is not very warm either.

The speedometer reads 24 mph here. I was breaking in the engine and was supposed to be keeping it under 5k RPMs except for very short bursts not to go past 6k RPMs. Well 24 was about as fast as I wanted to go given the conditions. In fact, 24 was a little fast for the conditions.

Right after this photo was taken, I took a lot of water over the bow. Drenching me. Water dripping from the hat and everything. Good thing the camera is water proof.

It is hard to take photos and ride the fun dispenser at the same time.

The break in is done now. I could use some warmer water. And less wind. And calmer conditions n the bay.

Or a wetsuit.

The master plan, should various things work out, is to make an open ocean crossing in the fun dispenser. From Miami to Bimini. And back.


Blogger Lily Strange said...

Now that does happen to look like fun. I'd probably kill myself on it, but I'd have fun doing it.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

It was a little rough when I headed out into the open bay. There will be a day when the water is flatter and I can go faster.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I always thought water skiing would be fun too, but with my lack of coordination, that would be doom, I'm sure.
I have a new home, at least for social commentary type stuff.


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