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King Gambrinus - Patron Saint of beer.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Insane In The Brain

After all, what other kind of insane is there?

I found myself searching for a beagle rescue group in South Florida.

Now this is insane. Who the hell needs a dog anyway? Not me. The cats give me enough crap to deal with.

Literally. As in litter. There is A LOT of cat crap. And I am not even counting the crap that happens outside, where I never see it. I have seen the cats in the flower box attached to the neighbors house. Now there are plants in the thing, so I can only speculate as to what they do in there. But the plants seem to do really well.

So do I want a critter that will leave poop in the yard where I will see it and invariably step in it? No. Not really. Nobody needs that.

So I can only attribute the whole incident to insanity.

I took some meds. I feel better now. No more crazy urge to run out and adopt a beagle. Or anything else that eats and/or shits.


Blogger actonbell said...

(I didn't know there was a patron saint of beer.)

Beagles are cute cute cute. I often think that at some point, I would love to have a dog in my life. Not now, though. I only have one cat, but she's lots of work. Neurotic as hell, I adore her, but--she can be a real pain. I only wish she'd use the litterbox, and she's afraid of the outdoors.

It's not crazy to want a dog, though I wonder how your cats would react.

Good luck with the job interview!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

King Gambrinus is not the official saint of beer and brewing, he is just a legendary figure. Kind of like King Arthur, only more important. Arthur never found the Holy Grail.

The cats are already used to dogs. I had a chocolate lab that pretty much ignored the cats. All the cats arrived as kittens, with the dog already here. The dog arrived as a puppy into a house full of cats. Currently there is a little white dog that resides here. So the cats already get along with dogs. A beagle puppy would learn pretty quickly where its place in the pecking order was.


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