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Friday, March 13, 2009

Beer Wench

Major excitement!!

I got the title for the Waverunner in the mail. This is big news. Now I know what registration numbers to put on the thing.

As you can see, not a whole lot is going on for me at the moment. Stickers are exciting. Maybe Ill put one set on, then wait a day or two to put on the other set. To prolong the excitement. Why get all the fun over with in only 10 minutes, when it could be like a multiple day festival! Kind of like Oktoberfest, only in March and with less beer. And no beer wench.

It is that exciting. At least for me. I really have nothing else going on.

By the way, I always admire a woman with talent. I can't carry 11 big ass mugs of beer at once.

But Saturday - ohhhhhh. Saturday. Saturday - it will be different!

You see, there is a full moon bicycle ride at Shark Valley. I have wanted to do this for a while, but never got around to it.

So what is Shark Valley? There are not really any sharks. Nor is there a valley. Well not really anyway. It is a 14 mile paved trail into the Shark River Slough - in Everglades National Park. You see things like this.

And this.

And other things. But mostly birds and big ass scary semi-aquatic lizards.

The full moon ride is different. First off, the park is normally closed when the ride begins. It begins an hour or two before sunset. Now who needs 2 hours to ride a bike roughly 7 miles? Who knows. I assume that the national parks ranger who guides the tour will stop and point things out. Like big ass scary semi aquatic lizards and birds. And ecology things about the Shark River Slough.

FYI - the Shark River Slough used to be the main drainage system for the everglades. Eventually it becomes the little shark river, which then becomes the shark river - which then empties into Florida Bay.

The Army Corps Of Engineers changed that system. The Shark River Slough is little more than a trickle - compared to what it used to be.

Around the time the sun sets, the group arrives at the overlook. The overlook is 6 stories tall, which makes it tower over everything else. As the sun sets one can expect to see a lot of birds, and maybe other things like deer and whatnot.

And then - the full moon part. You finish the ride under the light of the moon. I think lame ass safety rules require you to have a headlight on your bike - which I have. But really you do not need it. I only have it so some jackass in a car does not squish me. When I used to ride around at night. Which I do not really do anymore. I should start doing that again.

The light of the moon, when your eyes are properly adjusted to the dark, should be more than enough to light up the path. I think I will be able to see better with the head light off.

The point is, the ride should be fun. And healthy.

I can hide the beer in one of my water bottles. Nobody will ever know.


Blogger Dusty said...

Lazy, I enjoyed this history lesson on the everglades.

Too bad the Army Corp fucked up the river. ;(

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Well, the swamp needed draining. The Corps did a good job with that task. Really good job actually.

When it was done, nobody really knew about the ecological consequences.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

Great pictures of the wild life!
I could carry 11 beer mugs on a tray. Its the bottled beer that was always the problem for me. Its too light so it has a tendency to tilt.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

Seriously, get a Crackbook...I mean Facebook account. I swore up and down I never would, but its actually kind of fun, and you can leave links to your posts and bring in some new blood! Your posts deserve a bigger audience.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I have a secret Facebook account :)

I do not link to here, because of various reasons. Many people have gotten in trouble by being linked to a blog. If, for example, I say something about the Mayor being a fink - and I happen to work for the County, it could be bad.

Not that I work for the County. I actually do not. And not that I really think the mayor is a fink. In reality I have no opinion on the mayor. I strongly disagree with his stand on the Marlins stadium (I say no public money for a stadium - let the team foot the bill) but I agree with other things he has done.

I was just using an example.


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