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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Times have been pretty slow here. I suppose that is not too uncommon these days. Jobs are flying out the door at a scary rate.

So it was really good when someone called me asking for my email address, so they could send me something about a job posting that I already took the civil service exam for. The civil service exam was not really that hard - so I did well on it. Well enough to be asked if I want to interview for a position anyhow.

And when I checked my email, there was a message there.

Now not to be too cynical about this, but the email leaves a few questions. It says to call someone before a certain date to schedule an interview. Nothing too complicated.

But the number to call is the same number that called me. So the question is......

Why call me, ask me for my email address, then email me to ask me to call you back? I was already on the phone. It seems to me it would have been easier to just set up a time and date for the interview then.

I know the answer. Someone is just doing what the boss told them to do. And you do what the boss tells you what to do - if you want to keep your job. If your boss says to hop around on one foot, you hop around on one foot. Because jobs are hard to find right now, and if you have one you better hold onto it.

So Ill call the number. And Ill set up an interview time and date. And Ill work on ye ole resume some. Shine up my good shoes - the ones that are not my Crocs. I already have the haircut thing taken care of. I need to press some shirts however.

It will be good to have regular steady work. A fixed schedule. A time to show up, a time to leave, a regular payday, and a predictable check.

It is really too early to start filling out that direct deposit form right now, but I may as well keep a positive attitude.


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