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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crashing Vista

It seems the computer issues are over.

In case you were not paying attention, the trusty old Dell had a slight problem. Some files for corrupted or something. But not just any files! OH NO! it had to be various registry and system files.

The wireless card quit working, as did things in the control panel. All because three or four DLL files got screwed up.

Now I was going to fix it. I just needed a copy of XP. Any copy. The machine has a license code. But I never got a copy of XP.

So now I have another laptop. It was on sale. Core 2 duo processor and shit. And it has bluetooth! So I can use it to answer phone calls.

Which makes me wonder....why would anyone want to do that? Seriously. You want to lug around this big ass laptop so you can use your phone "hands free"?? Are you high?? Or just insane?? Has to be one of the two.

But I am a little paranoid. The thing has a built in web cam. Pointed right at me. Spying on me. Who knows who can connect to it. Who knows what sort of back doors to that thing there are.

Is my computer spying on me??? IS IT!?!?!?!?

So I went into the control panel and disabled it. I also placed a strip of electrical tape over it. HA! SPY ON ME NOW!

I still need a copy of XP so I can attempt to repair the files on the Dell. It is still a perfectly good machine. And it has a lot of stuff on it. I can get to the programs and files on it - no problem. Nothing was lost. But I would like to get it functional anyway. What the hell.

It is good to be back with a functional laptop. Even if it is running Vista. Being tied to the desktop machine seems so 1988. Or was it 1989? When I had a 8088 processor running at 8 mhz. 12 mhz if you kicked it into "turbo" mode. But at least it had a VGA card. WOW!! 256 colors!! NEAT!!

Beat the shit out of the 16 colors on EGA cards, or the 8 colors with CGA.

Ironically, the operating system that thing ran - DOS 3.2, was MUCH more stable and reliable than Windows XP or Vista.


Blogger masterymistery said...

DOS still runs in the background even on machines running XP or Vista. It's the 16-bit cross we all have to bear even in a 32-bit or higher world. Somewhere in your system, maybe in the control panel folder, you'll see a thing called "command prompt". That's how you access the underlying Dos.

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I know about the command prompt. I still use it from time to time. Back in the Windows 95 days I used to actually still run many DOS programs.

Because I missed the stability.

Blogger M@ said...

Vista. Jesus.

My laptop is good and it's the last computer I think I'll ever buy. By next year, they'll probably be giving out free netbooks w/ service contracts.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Yea right. Last laptop you will buy. I thought that two times already.

But I know what is really going on. Most people do not need a new computer. All they do is run a web browser, and maybe use Word or Excel. Or play MP4s. Maybe even watch a movie.

Even a 5 year old computer does these things.

But you do not look cool at Starbucks, with the old computer just screaming "my processor is still a single core".

Blogger Dusty said...

What brand did you get?

I have been through two desktops and two laptops in my life. My HP laptop with the 17 inch screen is a good puter..and I pray that the sumbitch lasts at least a couple of more years.

I am very hard on I always get the extended warranty. ;)


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