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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Easter Pelican

It seems there is no Easter Bunny in the Florida Keys.

There is however the Easter Pelican.

The mini vacation went over OK. Key Largo is actually very close. Only an hour or so drive. There were two vehicles. My dad pulled the boat, I had the Waverunenr in tow.

I stayed at Snappers. It is really a waterfront restaurant / bar - but it just happens to have 4 little hotel rooms upstairs. The rates are very reasonable too. For an extra $20, there was a wet slip for the boat. The Waverunner stayed in the same slip, made fast to the boat.

The food at Snappers is pretty good. And there are three bars. One is inside, one is outside, and one is "The Turtle Club" - which is also outside. I liked The Turtle Club bar the best. Lots of locals seem to hang out there.

There were many adventures to be had. There was the fishing mission. There was getting thrown off the waverunner at 30 mph - hitting the water and skipping like a stone across the surface.

And then there was this feeding frenzy I created at Molasses Reef. I was snorkeling at the time. I thought it would be cool if I threw some leftover bait squid in the water.


Blogger Dusty said...

Glad you enjoyed your mini-vacation Lazy! ;)

cool video too!

Blogger Fuzz said...

No sharks?


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