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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I have rediscovered Netflix.

As you may have noticed, the movies listed under the "Now Playing On Netflix" section have not changed in a long time.

Part of that was laziness. But mostly I have not been sending in titles. I sat on some movies for months.

I do not know why. They sucked. And sitting on movies is silly. You pay every month no matter what. If you are going to sit on movies you are really not getting anything for the membership fee.

Netflix likes it however. They make more money that way.

So I have some more stuff arriving today. I have the fourth Futurama movie (Into The Wild Green Yonder), The Flaming Lips Christmas On Mars, and What Lies Beneath.

I have also rediscovered the Netflix player I got shortly after Christmas. That thing really is cool. I can add movies to my "watch it now" queue and the player allows me to watch the movie on the TV. This is good because watching stuff on the computer does not seem to work. It is supposed to - but no. Media Player keeps screwing up.

The Netflix player also allows me to rent new movies from Amazon for $3. So that is cool. I did not know it did that. The player is wirelessly connected to the internet all the time, so I guess it is also getting updates.

Other than that- there is NOTHING going on here.


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