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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Without Google, I Would Not Know What The Hell Is Going On

So, yesterday was Earth Day. A whole day, just for the Earth.

I find it somewhat ironic that the Earth does not get the day off. It still has to be a planet and shit. Can it go visit its friend Jupiter and have a beer???


Therefore, I conclude that Earth Day is a farce. If there is ever a "Lazy Iguana Day" you can bet your ass that Ill take the day off. And I better get free drinks at a bar too. Otherwise - what is the point ion having the day named after you?

Likewise, if a street is ever named after me I want it to be State Road 836, also known as the Dolphin Expressway. Well after it is named after me it will be the "Lazy Iguana Expressway".

Why an expressway? Is my ego that big?

No. Hardly. It is just that the 836 is a toll road, and if it is named after me then I should get free tolls AND a cut of the tolls everyone else pays. Ill even take a 1% cut. Tens of thousands of cars are using the TWO toll booths on that road daily.

Having a surface road named after you - a free road with no tolls - is worthless.

But getting back to the title - Earth Day would have come and gone for me, and I would not have even noticed. But Google prevented that from happening!

You see, when I opened up the web browser Google is my home page. So I saw this.

Right there, at the top of the page, was the special Earth Day logo. Created on a computer that consumes electricity - which is most likely produced by coal.

So I was reminded that it was Earth Day. For the whole day.

And I.........

Had to buy gas for the truck. I was out. It was not able to put it off till today, or else I would have. Because as everyone knows - ALWAYS put off until tomorrow things that do not have to be done today!

It is not just a philosophy for me, it is a life style.

So thank you Google - for once again reminding me about events going on. I know I can always count on Google to create a special logo. I do not need to look at a calendar. Just go to Google every day and look for a special logo!!


Blogger Fuzz said...

You know what is going on???

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Only when Google reminds me with a snazzy special logo.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I want there to be Lily Strange day where everyone sends me a buck on my special day. That's all, just a buck!
I do like Google's snazzy logo pictures myself.


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