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Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Weekend Bail Out

Seeing as how all the banks are getting bailed out - I decided to bail too.

So on Friday, I am leaving Miami for Key Largo. My dad found a dockside restaurant with 4 or 5 rooms above the bar.

There is also a wet slip for the boat. The Waverunner also wants to go. It really hates to be left at home alone. It gets scared.

The cool part here is that all I have to do to get to any one of THREE bars is walk downstairs. This is cool. I can handle stairs.

And then to get back to the room, I just need to crawl up some stairs. I can handle this. I learned to crawl before I could walk!!!

Ill be back Monday. Or maybe Sunday evening, depending on a number of factors.


Anonymous krok56 said...

It must be nice to have wealthy parents, enjoy the holiday. I hope you don't get a peep lodged in your throat and suffocate.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Wealthy? I am staying in a room above a bar. Less than $100 a night.

A 5 star all inclusive resort this is not. I am assuming that the place is more like a 1 star hotel. I will be surprised if there is even an ice machine for guests.

But it is Key Largo, and it is on the water. There is a slip for the boat, that the Waverunner can sneak into.

And there are three bars downstairs. Plus a place to get food.

Who really needs a crappy ice machine anyway?


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