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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hurricane Season 09 Begins

But not today. Monday is actually the first day of Hurricane Season 09.

I am pretty much used to the drill. Nobody does anything. Sure, the TV people are all like "get your kit together" and "buy your crap".

But that is a scam. Nobody will actually heed the advice. I know I will not.

It is a good idea. Right now you can get anything you would want. Since nobody is going to buy squat, the stores will be full.

However, there is no urgency. Therefore there is no fun.

The truth is there is not a lot for me to do. All the windows in this place are impact resistant - no shutters needed. This is really good, as the old method of having to put up shutters sucked ass. It required much effort. So it would always get put off. And then it was the same shit every storm. You get the plywood shutters out and discover that some of the shutters are either rotted or so warped that they are cracking. So you have to go to the plywood store and get a couple of sheets.

Now you need to cut the things to length.

And then you ALWAYS need more hardware. The lead anchors seem like they will work, but a lot of times they just suck. So you get those metal concrete screws - but they suck too.

Bottom line is you ALWAYS need to go to the store to get something.

Then to make it even worse, it is now known that plywood is shit during a storm. A lot of insurance policies will not cover storm damage if all you put up is plywood. Even if you use the 5/8 thick and heavy shit, it really only offers minimal protection. They do not meet standards in South Florida.

So you think you are just going to get metal shutters huh? Well those are steel. Steel is heavy. And sharp. If you mishandle a steel shutter panel or drop it - you could get cut badly. Then you have to put up shutters AND go to the hospital. Or just say "fuck it" and drink. When the storm is almost there, as the outer bands are blowing in - show up at the emergency room all bloody and pathetic looking. Hopefully they take you in. Play the pity card.

And steel also rusts, so you still may have to replace those panels from time to time. Most likely you will discover this a day or two before a storm.

But you will get aluminum? OK that does not rust. And it is lighter. But the panels still have sharp edges. And they cost more.

But the impact windows - I am thinking that is the way to go. No need to do much of anything.

Of course there is all kinds of other things to start thinking about. Like for example, which canned food would I most like to eat for a week or so. And how do I secure the jet ski and boat? I am thinking about some dirt anchors. I am thinking of going with the aluminum "arrow head" anchors from THIS SOURCE.

I need at least 4, but 6 would be better.

But for now my plan is to do nothing. It is more fun to put things off.


Blogger actonbell said...

Do stores start running out of this kind of stuff around now? In this area, people see one snowflake and buy the grocery out of omelette ingredients.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

No. Right now there is plenty of everything.

Stocks run out, and fights break out, when a storm is almost here.

Blogger tonyb said...

Re: Rantings Of The Lazy Iguana: Hurricane Season 09 Begins

I don't have all the answers, but I do have this one on disaster preparedness/recovery:

A letter pertaining to disaster (hurricane, earthquake, tornado, flood, fire, etc.) has been sent to President Obama on behalf of all insurance policyholders. As a matter of transparency on the record of insurance consumer protection, any response by President Obama will be posted on the following Website for review:

Qui potest et debet vetare, jubet: (Law Maxim)


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