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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pile Of Loot

So here is what I managed to accumulate at the hurricane conference. There was a small trade show that was part of the event. Now I like trade shows. There is usually cool shit to look at. And if the trade show is half way decent - there are always free handouts.

This is what I got!

1 - portable water jug. It is called a Bagula. It was invented by someone who went to a disaster to distribute water. The people had nothing suitable to put the water into. The Bagula is a thick plastic bag. They are cheap to produce, light, an ass load of them can be transported easily, and they hold around 4 gallons each.

1 - magnetic hurricane tracking map with clip on dry erase marker

1 - calendar good till 2010, or the end of the world / humanity. Whichever comes first.

1 - Bamaco Inc hat. They sponsored the show or some shit

5- tote bags!

5 - 2 ounce packages of "Bayou Bang Dry Rub" seasoning

1 - thing that looks like a smurf size backpack. I am not really sure what the hell it is for but it was free. I am thinking cell phone holder??? Stash pouch??

3 - flashlights. 2 of them are ultra cheap lights that take AA batteries and use a standard bulb. The other one is actually a 5 LED light that is bright for something that uses three AAA batteries.

2 - neck lanyard ID clip things - one has an additional retractable ID clip on the end of the lanyard. I can also remove the retractable thing and just use that if I want.

1 - poncho in a bag.

1 - sewing kit

1 - 8 inch / 20 cm straight edge WITH a calculator. Solar powered, with battery backup

1 - key chain measuring tape thing

1 - DOUBLE LED key chain light

1 - single LED key chain liight that is also a bottle opener

1 - cheap ass non LED key chain light

1 - plastic letter opener

2 - Sharpie marker size spray hand sanitizer things. I can refill them when they are empty. Hand sanitizer was a big thing there. Something about a flu going around???? I was not really paying attention

5 - pens

1 - rubber ball like thing that bounces in random directions. It is not really a ball - it is made of solod rectangles attached to make a cube. Makes an OK cat toy

1 - light up LED ball surrounded in what looks like a giant soft rubber sand spur. When you throw it the LEDs inside the ball light up.

Not too bad really. The trade show portion was not that big.

I am done with the conference till next year . If I go.

17 days remain till Hurricane Season 2009.


Blogger Fuzz said...

Lots of fun stuff

Blogger Dusty said...

Damn, did you score or what dude?

Blogger Beach Bum said...

What no cool "I went to the annual hurricane conference and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"? Cheap bastards!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Fuzz - there is a reason why people go to trade shows.

Dusty - I still have much to learn. Someone else in the same training class I was in easily got twice as much stuff. There were some items I did not take because I did not want them. A true master takes all he/she sees. I am but an apprentice.

Beach Bum - I got two shirts. Of course I had to pay for them - so that does not exactly count as "free". In fact it is the exact opposite of free. But they are nice shirts. I got a long sleeve denim shirt and a short sleeve "moisture wicking" white polo shirt.

I also bought a "cheeseburger" for $8 on Tuesday that was burnt. The guy operating the grill needed some better training.


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