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Friday, May 15, 2009


It is no secret I like boats.

So here is the deal. I have the opportunity to go out on a REAL boat. A US Coast Guard Cutter. Now this is not a cruise ship. First, Ill have to prove I am worthy of being a member of the crew. I do not anticipate this as being much of a problem. I am sure I can find some way to make myself seem useful.

Or at the least, I have the sense to get the hell out of the way if I get the idea I am clogging up the works.

Of course, there are other factors to consider here. The last big boat I was on was in fact a cruise ship. So the job of the entire crew was to see to it that I had fun. There were multiple bars so I did not have to wonder around looking for more things to drink. There was food available all the time. There were chairs upon which I could sit and watch the world float by. I had a cabin with a private toilet. And so on.

The cutter will probably be lacking in some of these features. I can take a pretty good guess at what features might be different.

However, the idea is still sitting there in my head. A cutter huh? Out in the open sea, doing open sea type things. On a military vessel! No telling what sorts of adventures might await me. No telling who I might be able to start a legendary brawl with at some port of call bar.

Oh wait - that is the US Navy. They have been known to get involved in this sort of thing. But then again, drunken brawling is a tradition among sailors. But that was then. In the days of yore, before there was all this "media" bullshit creating the need to maintain a "positive image".

I plan to go to the meeting to get more information. I want to see what it is all about.


Blogger Utah Savage said...

How did you swing this cutter cruise?

Blogger Lily Strange said...

Sounds like it could be a once in a lifetime experience. You should definitely consider it.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Utah - I have associations with various organizations that make things possible.

Lily - it is something I want to research further

Blogger Fuzz said...

You could always just join up and do it all the time!


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