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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Land Of Extremes

NOTE - this is not a complaint post. Just an observation post.

South Florida - and Florida in general - has been experiencing a somewhat dry spell. The "winter" is normally the dry season. But "dry" is a relative term.

So is "winter". We really do not have winter as many people in the USA know it. We have hurricane season and not hurricane season. Bug season and less bugs season. And wet and dry season. Hot as hell and nice and pleasant season.

By the way, all the seasons overlap nicely. Hurricane season is associated with hot as hell season, wet season, bug season, and no snowbirds season.

Not hurricane season is associated with the others on the list.

So what does "dry" season mean? Well it means less rain. Not really no rain - just less of it.

But these past few months it has been BONE DRY. Extra dry. In some regards this has worked out OK. There are no mosquitoes! Well not as many as normal anyway. With no standing water, the only place for the bugs to lay eggs in is water that contains fish. Fish that eat mosquito larva.

Well apparently - and almost perfectly on cue - nature turned on the tap. We went from an extended period of no rain at all to three or four (I lost count) days of steady rain. Skies went from blue and clear to gray and cloudy.

Just like that. And when the rain came - it fell rather hard.

Now like I said - this is not a bitch post. We need the rain. Bad. The rain needs to continue. Maybe not as hard and fast squalls, what we really need is a good steady soaking type rain. The kind of rain that falls slowly, over a longer period of time. This way the parched Earth can soak up the water. The hard and fast stuff is mostly washed into storm drains and dumped in the many canals - which eventually dump into the sea. That does not really do much good for the rain situation.

So I welcome this rainy season. Even if that means more bugs. And lawns that grow. And all that other fun stuff associated with the wet season.

The good outweighs the bad. So long as we do not get the urban flood type rain - or some other nasty surprise.


Blogger matthew said...

I'm getting out onto the water tomorrow myself. In an ocean kayak. Woot.

Animal Mind

Blogger Beach Bum said...

How is the dry weather effecting the pythons in the 'Glades? Saw a show on History Channel called "Monster Quest" that has chased, without success, various monster legends from Canada to Florida.

The one time they actually found what they were looking for was wild pythons in the Everglades that were crossing a road straight into a subdivision. Some animal control guys caught a loose python that had recently made a lunch out of some old lady's cat.

What is worse they are supposedly heading north. Just wish the snakes would develop a taste for republicans, they would eat well once they get to South Carolina.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Matthew - I need to splash my kayak sometime. I keep forgetting about it. I am sure it feels neglected. The power boat and waverunner get all the action.

Beach Bum - The pythons are fine. They can handle some dry weather. plus, the everglades are always wet somewhere. The snakes are unlikely to go too far north - they are tropical rain forest creatures and do not like the cold at all.

If I see one, it is dead. Ill either shoot the thing, run it over, club it, or go after it with a very large knife. They do not belong here and are very bad for the ecology.


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