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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LIVE! From The Florida Governor's Hurricane Conference - Part 2


My green ID card holder was good enough for admittance to the free loot room. And I got.....


So that was good. A free all you can eat as long as you only go through the line ONCE and can fit all the food on the plate buffet. The lunch buffet I had to pay $10 for was also a "one pass only" deal - but they gave you a plate and a paper tray to carry the plate on. So I ditched the plate and just used the tray. What the hell - the tray was made of paper. The plate was made of paper. So why not.

But I am sneaky, so I was able to sneak through today's line twice. See, they had "security" for the buffet. Only people with blue or green ID holders got the free food. I was given one free meal card and one free "ONE DRINK ONLY" card.

Apparently, there is a terrible shortage of water and ice tea. So all you were allowed was one cup of drink. That is it. No more.

Anyhow I just bypassed the "security" without even realizing it. Then I got some food. Then I went back for just a little more - at which time someone noticed and revoked my card. No problem. The free drink guy remembered me.

Anyhow - I loaded up with other free goodies. I have multiple tote bags, all sorts of pens, a cool flashlight, at least three LED key chain lights, an ass load of pens, and a bunch of other stuff. I also entered a drawing to win a bunch of crap.

A complete inventory of my take will be posted here tomorrow! And more Cookie Monster photoshop creations -that I actually made.


Blogger Utah Savage said...

Sounds like a lot of work for a free lunch.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I had other reasons to go there.


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