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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Body Soap

I do not remember exactly when I started to use that body soap stuff. It was a few years ago.

I also do not know why. Bar soap had worked up to that point. But slick advertising campaigns being what they are, I guess I just fell for it.

At any rate, I use the stuff. There is at least one benefit to the body soap stuff over bar soap however. No more body hair stuck in the soap bar.

So tonight on the way home I remembered I was out of shampoo. I needed to get more. And I was also out of body soap - which is also why I was out of shampoo.

You see, after careful investigation and label comparison, I concluded that body soap and shampoo have enough of the same ingredients to actually count as the same thing. If I run out of one, I can use use the other.

Except there is one slight difference in ingredients that makes it necessary to keep both shampoo and body soap handy. 1% selenium sulfide.

Anyhow - I go to the 24 hour pharmacy and find the bath stuff isle. I grab the 1% selenium sulfide shampoo, and a bottle of body soap. This body soap was a different color than the yellow stuff I normally get. It was blue. It said "with glacier water and deep sea mint" on the label. Yea yea - whatever. At some point it is likely all the water on the planet was at one time in a glacier, so all water can be called "glacier water". Hell, call it "comet water" or "deep space comet water", as one idea in the theory of planetary formation is that Earth has so much water because it was hit by a whole lot of water containing comets. But who really knows.

And of course, there is no such thing as a "deep sea mint".

But who cares. It was there, I needed it, so I bought it. Done and over with.

When I used the stuff I figured out what the "mint" part seems to be. Just a touch of menthol.

Just enough that when the soap hits sensitive areas that never get exposed to the sun (for fear of a terrible horrible sunburn that will make it impossible to move) you notice the menthol.

I am stuck with the rest of the bottle now.


Blogger Fuzz said...

Ooooooooooo! Tingly!

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I use the liquid body soap too because I was tired of slimy little soap cakelets and the soap that would escape my hands when it got wet.


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