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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stuff Is My Weakness

But really it is not.

I suppose I am not getting the job I interviewed for. But that is OK - I do not think I really wanted it anyway.

It was for Budget-Rent-A-Car. I think I rented the last car I got from them. A Ford Mustang convertible. Really sweet ride. It came with the V-6 engine and the premium sound system upgrade. The premium sound system upgrade involved an amp, and larger speakers. The woofers were 10 or 12 inches. It really did sound nice.

Anyhow the interview was a total abortion. They would ask a question and I would answer it. Problem was that the answers I gave were the wrong ones.

Which really is a lot of fun. You give an answer, and watch the expression of the other persons face change. The expression says "did you really just say that".

Yes. Yes I did just say that.

So it is not a big shock to me that the phone did not ring today. I knew it was not going to ring.

The reality is I would have taken it if it were offered. And I am sure I would have done a great job. I actually thing customer service is important.

Problem is I also think good customer service is NOT trying to upsale them on every little extra thing offered. People just want the car they reserved - they do not want to tell you "no I do not want that" over and over and over.

Really - the optional GPS unit is advertised all over the place. There is even a display unit on the counter top. If they want it they will ask.

But hey - what do I know. Maybe people want you to try to sell them things they did not ask for.

Anyhow, it was really not for me. The base pay was low, but there are commissions. You would not make anything without the commissions. $7 something an hour. After taxes a full time check for two weeks - 80 hours - would be less than $560.

And the new guy - which would be me - gets the last bid for shifts. So guess who gets to man the counter at 3 AM when nobody is renting cars? When customers are trickling in at a slow rate? The counter is at the other airport - so when there are no flights there are no customers. Yet someone has to be there.

No customers means no sales which means no chance to upsale anything. This means no money.

I would much rather have a higher hourly base rate, and no commissions. Of course if the boss said "try to upsale stuff" I would. Got to do what the boss says. But I think - and this is just me - commission based pay puts the pressure on me to pester people to no end, trying to sell them a GPS they do not want.

This is bad customer service and would make me want to go to Avis or Enterprise next time.

But what do I know.


Blogger Fuzz said...

Last time I rented a car, I accidentally left my favorite hat in it.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

That sucks.

I always search rental cars. For various reasons.

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