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Monday, June 08, 2009

WARNING! Week Ahead.

Lots of exciting crap going on here this week.

Sort of.

In an attempt to obtain a more stable financial condition, I will be going off to a few events this week. Who knows if anything will come of it or not. Maybe it will, maybe it will not. Only time will tell.

The shitty part is that some of these events take place north of the border so to speak. People living in Miami-Dade County know what that means.

For those who do not live in Miami-Dade County, "north of the border" means Broward County. Or for that matter anyplace north of Miami-Dade. What makes this less than optimal is the drive. Unless I moved north, it would be a long commute to and from work. And with gas prices creeping up, and the vehicle with its less than great MPG, Ill be a frequent customer at Shell.

Or I will have to relocate closer to the line, so as to make any commute shorter.

In reality moving closer to the line will make more sense in many ways, as Ill be closer to action north and south of the border.

I am ready for the week ahead. I went out and got a haircut and everything.


Blogger Utah Savage said...

I'm stalking you for a shithead.jpg of Newt. I keep talking trash about Newt and google gives me ads for Newt and Saint Ronnie. WTF? A girls gotta make a buck.

Blogger Dusty said...

Moving felines is a bitch Lazy..good luck!


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